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23 Tips And Products That'll Save You From Being Covered In Pet Hair

All the tools and tricks to get you out of hairy situations. The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

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1. Get rid of pet hair with your dish gloves by running them along your carpets and upholstered furniture.,

Hands down (literally) the best way to get rid of all that pet hair! Just dampen your rubber gloves and run them over the surface of your fabric and upholstered furniture. The friction will attract the hair and give you a super-clean surface.

Get these gloves on Amazon for $7.77 (available in sizes S-XL).

2. Try this ugly tool that works simply by rubbing lightly on hair-filled fabrics.,

Get it on Amazon for $8.91.

3. Use a rubber broom to sweep up pet hair from your carpets and furniture.,

The bristles work with static electricity making the hair jump onto the brush and out of your stuff.

Get this one on Amazon for $19.57.

4. Pat your cat and remove loose hair at the same time with this handy mitt.,

Get this mit on Amazon for $12.99.

5. Get a reusable lint roller that you can just rinse clean.

Get this one Amazon for $14.99.

6. Or try this reusable roller that's great for cleaning up larger surfaces.

Get it on Amazon for $24.90.

7. Add dryer balls (or sheets) to your laundry. They'll reduce static and loosen up clingy pet hair.

Get these on Amazon for $8.88.

8. Use fabric softener to also fight against static cling that makes pet hair stick to your clothes.

Get this one on Amazon for $13.90.

9. Bathe and groom your pet often to catch all that shedding hair before it ends up on your furniture.

Get this shampoo on Amazon for $6.67.

10. Catch the hair before it covers all your things with a FURminator, but if you don't do it consistently they'll be back.,

Get it on Amazon starting at $15.99.

Available for long- and short-hair pets.

11. When it's not a huge mess, just try wetting your hands.

Fuzzy Door Productions

By wiping, (in a downward motion), your hair-covered item with wet hands, you'll be able to ball up the hair. As the hair gets wet, it'll get heavier, making it more difficult for it to stick to things.

12. Groom your pet with a rubber brush that'll attract any loose hairs.,

Get it on Amazon for $5.11.

13. Seriously just vacuum your pet.,

Get a vacuum attachment that allows you to brush your pet while you collect the excess hair. This will save on cleanup and prevent some shedding.

Get it on Amazon for $11.69.

14. With that in mind, make sure to vacuum your house a few times a week.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Yes, it takes a lot of time out of your day! But by vacuuming a few times a week, you're preventing pet hair buildup and giving it less of a chance to embed itself into your stuff.

See some of the highest-rated vacuums on Amazon here.

15. And make sure to have a pet-hair friendly handheld vacuum available for quick cleanups.

Get it on Amazon for $28.79.

16. Try gripping surfaces by using velcro hair curlers and some sellotape. /

Rub your curlers to gather the hair off of whatever surface you want to de-fuzz. Then use the sticky side of sellotape to peel off the fur. Get the full tutorial from WikiHow.

17. A dry sponge can help loosen, collect, and ball up all the fallen fur on your furniture.

You can also slightly dampen the sponge to get even more effective results. But just very slightly.

Get this one on Amazon for $5.99.

18. Match your home decor colors to your pet's fur.

20th Century Fox Television

Technically this isn't so much getting rid of pet hair as it is camouflaging it. (It may sound like a bit much, but it could save you a lot of time.) If you're making a big furniture purchase or even planning a remodel, take into account your pet and their ever-shedding mane. Pick materials that are sensible for scattered pet hair and colors that might make that fallen hair a little more discreet.

19. Too extreme? Drape pet-friendly blankets over your furniture for super easy cleanup.

Just throw them in the wash when the situation gets too hairy.

Get this one on Amazon starting at $79+.

Available in a variety of colors and patterns in sizes medium, large, and large-long.

20. Brush your furniture to collect all that fallen hair.

Get it on Amazon for $19.95.

21. Use a tool that's strong enough to remove horse hair from furniture, for when you have a horse over.,

Get it on Amazon for $7.

22. Get bedding that's pet-proof.

You can get bedding that's stain-resistant, water-resistant, name it, you can get bedding that resists it.

Get the set on Amazon starting at $40.98+.

Available in taupe, green, or blue and in sizes twin, queen, and king.

23. And once you've collected all that hair, here is how you can use it!,

Get it on Amazon for $12.24.

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