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22 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A unicorn tape dispenser, an herb garden, a label maker, and 19 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. A unicorn tape dispenser so you can tape the rainbow.

Promising Review: "Seriously, how can you have a bad day with this guy on your desk?" —Carissa

Price: $10

2. A lion mane that'll let your kitty finally feel like his true self.

Promising Review: "First you need to get a small cat and then purchase this lion mane. Taa-dah! You now have a tiny lion." —Pamela Bayer

Price: $12

3. A Star Wars sunshade that'll turn your car into the Millennium Falcon.

Promising Review: "It's a little hard to drive with this thing blocking my view, but I am learning to reach out with my feelings and sense the other cars on the road. I feel confident that this will advance my Jedi training quite significantly and I look forward to honing my force-navigation skills in the event that I ever need to traverse an asteroid mine field in my Honda Odyssey." —E. Low

Price: $15

4. A whale-shaped bath rinser that'll make bath time way more fun.

Promising Review: "My daughter is almost 3 and she loves it... no, she LOVES IT!! She actually started asking me to wash her hair using her whale, which never happened before! The rinser is very thoughtfully designed with ridges inside that prevent water from getting into her ears. This product makes bath time more fun for my little one and less stressful for me." —Washington girl

Price: $10

5. A street sign that'll stop any of those pesky muggles from entering your safe space.

Promising Review: "I love this poster. I ended up putting it outside of my bedroom door, so no Muggle can enter my home." —Jennifer Zacarias

Price: $9

6. Some gloves that'll stop you from chopping off your fingers.

Promising Review: "My wonderful wife frequently uses a mandolin in the kitchen. Sometimes, I believe she thinks she's on Top Chef or Chopped. When she gets into julienning, I'm just waiting with car keys in hand to take her to the ER. So, as a proactive measure, I purchased these. They are quite comfortable. They stretch with excellent elasticity. She loves them and I feel more comfortable that she is wearing something that can protect her. She has used these gloves dozens of times. Not a single issue and she has washed them with the kitchen towels. No problem." —Jon

Price: $12

7. A bottle warmer that'll make your life a million times easier.

Promising Review: "We didn't add a bottle warmer to our registry because we figured we would just heat up a pot of water whenever we wanted to feed the baby. (Are you laughing yet?) This bottle warmer wasn't that expensive, so we gave it a try. It's worth every penny!" —mercuryval

Price: $16

8. A label maker that'll let your neat-freak flag fly.

Promising Review: "I am a professional organizer, so I have used a few different label makers. This one is by far the simplest to use and gives great results!" —Neatnik203

Price: $10

9. A panda stapler so you can attach papers in ultimate cuteness.

Promising Review: "This panda mini stapler just plowed through my 10-15 page articles I had already printed out- with zero problems. Additionally, it arrived with a box of staples that should last most people for quite a while." —Jenjen

Price: $5

10. A pen that'll let you create 3-D art.

Promising Review: "This is one of those few great consumer gadgets out there that actually make me feel like I'm living in the future. It's so cool. I can never get over having a pen that draws in mid air like freaking magic, or a 3D printer that you hold in your hand." —Joshie K

Price: $100

11. An organizer for all those hair products of yours that are always everywhere.

Promising Review: "It is the perfect size for my flat iron, curling iron and blow dryer! Love it!" —Carla R

Price: $13

12. A toy Dyson vacuum... so your little one can have a nicer vacuum than you.

Promising Review: "Our toddler thinks vacuuming is a blast (for some crazy reason!) so we bought him this for Christmas. It looks like a real Dyson, and it even sucks up tiny things like Cheerios. It has little colorful bits inside that move around when you turn it on, so it looks like the real deal. It's a great toy!" —Katie F.

Price: $27

13. A callus remover that'll give you baby soft feet.

Promising Review: "For the first time in 15 years, my feet don't feel like sandpaper." —Ruth Olson

Price: $20

14. A set of pens that'll also serve as cute home decor.

Promising Review: "I had a party at my home. I bought 2 dozen pens and had them in a jar on the table for my guests to use. They loved the pens so much that they wanted to keep them. My guests begged and I had to relent and let each of them take one home. Now I am waiting for the additional 2 dozen pens I had to order to come in for me. Geez!" —Linda Ohnstad

Price: $4

15. A telescope that'll help you see the stars (or ugly naked guy).

Promising Review: "Love this telescope! We saw Jupiter and 4 of its moons very clearly in the sky last night!" —BostonMom

Price: $40

16. A banana toothbrush for your baby that'll help instill good dental hygiene.

Promising Review: "I've been in the dental field for 12 years. And I have to say this is a great product... and I try almost every toothbrush that comes out!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $7

17. A set of markers that are actually okay to sniff.

Promising Review: "Oh my gosh this is a blast from the past for me. I love these markers!!! I used to have these as a kid and I know this is going to sound crazy, but I am a 31 year old woman and I STILL have about 3 of them from my teen years! THAT shows you how great these markers are!!!" —Jessie

Price: $5

18. A vegetable slicer that'll let you make curly fries in the comfort of your own home.

Promising Review: "I wanted to make my own curly fries. This vegetable slicer does that!" —PizzaGurl

Price: $29

19. A board game that centers around some crazy cats.

Promising Review: "Think Russian Roulette, but instead of guns and bullets, you have little kittens hell-bent on blowing you into small delicious pieces. If this sounds even remotely entertaining (or if you just love The Oatmeal), or kittens, odds are you'll love this game as much as me and my gaming group." —Joshua Kimbell

Price: $20

20. An herb garden so you can pretend to have a green thumb.

Promising Review: "I purchased this as I have ZERO gardening abilities, but really enjoy cooking with fresh herbs. I'm also tired of making trip after trip to the local market to purchase herbs, only to have them go bad within a couple days, thus wasting my money and my time. This device is SO easy a child could not only operate it, but actually be SUCCESSFUL at growing pretty much anything from a seed." —hg

Price: $54

21. A portable dog bowl that'll let you feed your pup anywhere.

Promising Review: "The quality of the bowls is so good that I still really like them and use them for my 90 lb Boxer. I think because of his short snout, these bowls are actually better for him, so he can pig out easier!" —Zengardener

Price: $7

22. A ring that'll allow you to have perfect lighting all the time.

Promising Review: "This light is an essential for Youtubers like myself... I record a lot of videos at night in my house where I have terrible lighting and this ring light has improved the quality of my videos by about 3 million percent. Very glad I made this purchase." —Amazon Customer

Price: $130

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