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42 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Dip clips, Matcha masks, scratch and sniff books about wine, and other favorite products from our recent posts.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A drain snake that'll reach into those places that you can't (and don't want to).

Promising Review: “Opened the package and took it directly to the slow-draining, disgusting bathroom sink. Our drain-cover-stopper-thingy doesn’t come out, but this auger was still able to go in and pull out all. The. Nasty. All of it! Water now drains as normal and the teeth are still intact for another use.” —Tsm

Price: $6

2. Some dip clips so that you can eat on the couch without fear of spilling.

Promising Review: “We use these all the time. Seemed like a gimmick when I purchased them. Nothing wrong with that, I love those kind of products! But they actually are very useful. They clip onto the edge of the plate so they don’t take up space. It’s easy to dip into them and they hold on well. I love that they keep the sauce from spreading onto the food.” —Jessica Hoppes

Price: $6

3. An adorable planner so that your life can be equal parts cute and organized.

Promising Review: "This planner is so cute! The large spaces on each day make it easy to write what readings I need to do for each class." —Monica Nguyen

Price: $7

4. An eyeliner that's almost too good to be true because it's a serum and an eyeliner that lasts all day.,

Promising Review: "This is probably one of my favorite eyeliners of all time, and I don't think I will be buying any other brand for a long time. The 'pencil' style provides more application control and precision, and the liquid liner goes on and stays on. You can also control the amount of product on the tip by shaking it. Absolutely love and highly recommend." —Princess Kitten

Price: $9

5. A brush that'll help you get those hard-to-reach places that never get clean.

Promising Review: "Good quality and works well for fitting into the narrow groves of sliding doors and window tracks." —Becky Tobias

Price: $8

6. Some Princess Bride playing cards that you can play with as you wish.

Promising Review: "Bought this as a present for my mother (a big fan of both The Princess Bride and Kings in the Corner). The stylized numbers on the front took some getting used to, but the illustrations were beautiful and she said they shuffled so much better than the other cards she was used to." —Alyssa Michelle

Price: $10

7. A prep tool that'll make eating cauliflower a little less annoying.

Promising Review: "This is so worth your money. I love cauliflower but hate the mess I always make when I fix it. This stops all of that. Fast, easy, and no mess. Amazing!" —ron.smith

Price: $8

8. A container of charcoal for your teeth so that you'll have a gleaming white smile.,

Promising Review: "I've been using it for just over a week, once a day, prior to brushing with regular toothpaste in the morning. Of course it makes your mouth look like a horror show while you're using it, but it's easy to rinse or you can just do your regular brushing directly after. I noticed immediately that my mouth felt amazingly clean. After 24 hours, I noticed a huge improvement in my teeth sensitivity. After 72 hours, it was non-existent. So awesome! The photo is the difference in whitening after one week." —Salem Webster

Price: $21

9. A tool to make eating avocado the easiest thing you do all day.

Promising Review: "I don't like avocados. But I have been told that their benefits far outweigh the texture, that I dislike. Having this tool makes preparing them much easier. It really does just slice through the skin and makes it easy to discard the pit. So, thanks for making this tool." —Laura Sue

Price: $8

10. A magnetic wristband that'll hold all your nails and screws.

Promising Review: "My husband is constantly doing home projects that require him to be on some sort of ladder nailing or screwing in things. I bought this for him as a stocking stuffer thinking it would be a fun gift that he could toss if it didn't work. WOW! He LOVES this magnetic wristband. It works so well that it actually got stuck to something that was metal in his stocking! He said it is so helpful when he is on a ladder and needs to have his nails 'right there' without having to climb up and down." —DisneyMom

Price: $13

11. An attachment for your bathtub that'll let you fill up your tub to the very top.

Promising Review: "I don't like to take baths. Let's just put that out there. However, I moved into an older home that had only a bathtub. After getting into the tub, I noticed that all of the top-level water drained right out through the overflow. It really disappointed me and made my bathing experience even more unpleasant, did I mention that I don't like baths? I came across this on Amazon and ordered a couple (in case one got damaged). I immediately found that not only did I use this device, but so did every single other member of my family. They all fell in love with it! It allowed them to have a deeper soak in the tub. For those in the family that wanted a more therapeutic experience — these worked like a charm." —Brent Paxton

Price: $10

12. A set of lip balm that tastes delicious and hydrates magnificently.,

Promising Review: "Something magical happened on day three. I awoke to find that my cracked lips were no more! Though still a teensy bit dry, gone were the chunks of dead skin that once littered my lips! I was beyond thrilled. Rather than upping the number of times I applied my lip balm, I stuck with what had been working. By day five, my lips felt like that had their elasticity back and were no longer dry! I can't recommend this product enough, especially for the price!" —Nick

Price: $11

13. A slicer that'll give you the perfect cut every time.

Promising Review: "Always wanted a mandoline slicer but most are terribly expensive. This was not only affordable but works amazingly. I slice up my onions and put them in a container to use through out the week. I did potatoes for an Au Gratin recipe and it was a snap. I love the push button to change out the blade sizes. And the veggie holder works wonderfully. I hardly loose any veggies." —Suzanne Lind

Price: $20

14. A Matcha mud mask that'll naturally nourish your skin.

Promising Review: "We decided to give this product a try because we actually love drinking Matcha tea. The first thing I noticed is the fine texture of the mask. It has a very good and neutral smell. It was very easy to put on and wash off. My skin didn't get oily or dry after usage.I have many red spots but even after the very first application, I could see a slight difference. The skin definitely felt much more smooth and clean." —Dennis T.

Price: $20

15. A scratch and sniff book because you like the drinking part of being an adult, but that's it.

Promising Review: "I heard about this book from a sommelier and wine representative. It's scratch and sniff for wine lovers. It breaks information down to the basics, but good basics. The book offers simple information, easy to understand, and offers colors and smells to help understand wine. It helps you identify things like green pepper and pear in the wine that might be missed. It's also a lot of fun. I ended up buying four copies, gave away three as gifts, and kept one for myself." —duskfall

Price: $12

16. A set of bento boxes that'll make packing your lunch super easy.

Promising Review: "I enjoy being able to warm up different leftovers without having to warm up the whole plate if I don't want to. These are the best tupperware/food storage containers I own." —Kay

Price: $19

17. A little car vacuum that has a lot of power.

Promising Review: "Excellent little tool. Small enough to keep it stashed in the car, powerful enough to do a very good job." —Cfount

Price: $22

18. A set of wash bags for your intimates so that you don't have to hand wash them.

Promising Review: "These are cleverly designed and work well for one or two bras. The provided laundry guide was interesting — I didn't know inverting molded bra cups would shorten their life." —J. Myers

Price: $13

19. A place for your glasses so that you're never searching blind for them.

Promising Review: "My husband and I got this for a friend for Christmas as a joke. He has kind of a big nose and we thought it would be hilarious. He actually loves it! It's on his nightstand to hold his glasses at night." —Christina Mackey

Price: $13

20. A mascara that'll change your eyelash game.,

Promising Review: "Honestly this is the best mascara I've ever tried and I've tried expensive products like Lancôme, YSL, MAC, and Chanel. None compare to this. Trust me and give it a try. It's not flaky, not waterproof but stays on all day, does not smear, the thin bristles really get all your lashes, and it elongates them." —Am

Price: $8

21. A book that even your dog will love.,

Promising Review: "My dog really enjoyed the book. He thoroughly digested the information. Seriously though, the book was great. I love Anna Kendrick because she's an awesome, quirky actress that can sing like a boss. Hearing her inner dialogue was super interesting, and surprisingly relatable." —Bug

Price: $16 for hardcover ($14 for Kindle and $8 for paperback)

22. An organizer that'll make your morning hair care routine so much easier.

Promising Review: "Very easy to install and perfectly holds my blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener. I love the individual compartments for each; it makes it so easy to get the item I want without untangling cords from each other. Really worth it!" —Brianne Wilde

Price: $17

23. A sweatshirt that comes in any color you could possibly want.

Promising Review: "Bought to replace my fiancé's favorite hoodie that I lost on vacation. He says this one is even better, so I'm off the hook!" —Sarah C

Price: $20+ (Available in sizes S–XXL and in a variety of colors.)

24. A garlic press that'll also work on your limes.

Promising Review: "Great garlic press that takes little effort to get maximum results. Does a great job on garlic, but it is awesome at juicing Key Limes. When making Key Lime pies it literally takes 1/3 the number of limes to get the juice needed when compared to a conventional manual juicer." —Tim Treadupon

Price: $18

25. A primer that'll make your makeup application so much easier.,

Promising Review: "I was a bit hesitant to make the purchase because of the mixed reviews. But I took the chance, ordered it and have no regrets. My makeup went on easily and I wore it all day. My face was not sweaty, oily, or dried out. And the barrier that the primer gives between your skin and your make up, makes it very easy for your makeup to be removed at the end of the day." —Sym

Price: $4

26. A spiral slicer so your fries can be a little more fun!

Promising Review: "I truly feel like this product is fool-proof. Put the raw vegetable or fruit on the pronged circle, push until the other end is against the silver metal piece, and begin spinning. Just make sure the feet are suctioned to the counter so it doesn't move. There is very little waste and such an easy cleanup!" —Tiffany

Price: $23

27. An east-to-attach shelf that'll give you that little extra bathroom space that you so desperately need.

Promising Review: "There isn't much to this product. We have a small bathroom, and I was tired of the electric toothbrush cords getting twisted and in the way. This is the perfect solution. It fits two electric toothbrushes on their bases, and a stand up tube of toothpaste. I absolutely love it!" —A. Goeller

Price: $11

28. A notebook that'll get you ready to start that bullet journal you always talk about.

Promising Review: "Excellent quality and a perfect size, this notebook is everything I hoped it would be for my first bullet journal. The notebook lays nicely and held up through a conference where I carried it around in a packed bag. There are also a good number of pages, so it may be a while, but I will be purchasing more of these!" —V. Oatis

Price: $20

29. A set of markers that'll have you painting the town red, and blue, and yellow, and green.

Promising Review: "I'm not an artist in anyway but I recently got into adult coloring books. These give you a much deeper color versus gel pens. The brush tip is great for filling in large areas with the other tip allowing you to fill in smaller areas. Easy to blend to create many, many more colors than the 10 colors you get in the set." —Nancy J.

Price: $13

30. A bottle of witch hazel that'll make turn your skin into a nightlight, because it'll glow so damn much!,

Promising Review: "I have used this product for over a year and I think it is a big contributor as to why my face looks so healthy. After I wash my face, I always use this Witch Hazel to clean my skin with a cotton pad. It is alcohol free and has really kept my face from drying out. I love it and I will never use anything else." —Lorayne Gothard

Price: $10

31. A spatula that'll be the best damn spatula you didn't know you needed.

Promising Review: "We've had these for a year now, and I love them every time I use them. I purchased these when I was looking to replace all of my wooden cooking utensils that weren't looking so great. I debated getting bamboo, but finally settled on these due to the reviews and the good customer service it seems many had had. I haven't regretted my purchase at all in the past year, and these have quickly become our go-to cooking utensils." —NJGR

Price: $7

32. A pair of sunglasses that'll make you look stylish AF.

Promising Review: "These sunglasses exceeded my expectations. It's always a roll of the dice when you buy something online that you cannot try on first. I decided to give these a try since the price was right and I could easily return them if they didn't work. I was looking for something that was fashionable but also could be used everyday, and that's exactly what these sunglasses are." —Amazon Customer

Price: $13 (Available in a variety of lens options)

33. A shoe deodorizer that will get out the stink.

Promising Review: "I am super excited about this product. I spilled an entire cup of coffee in my car and still smelled it days later. I was in search of something to take the smell away, but did not want overpowering fragrance to mask the smell. This product was recommended by a friend. It is amazing. It took the smell away in less than 24 hours. I will never buy toxic air fresheners again." —Linda7267

Price: $10

34. A book of crossword puzzles that'll test your knowledge of classic films.

Promising Review: "I love crosswords and I love TCM. So, I knew I'd love this book. It's great. It's just what an old-movie buff would enjoy." —Monica L Brown

Price: $9

35. An organizer that'll finally give you a place to put all those cutting boards.

Promising Review: "The organizer isn't super bulky and holds about three flat trays plus one regular-sized muffin tin. I've had them stacked on my fridge for the longest time, so putting them in the cabinet without it being in the way is great and more easily accessible." —Kim Phan

Price: $14

36. A folder that'll help you get a little more organized this year.

Promising Review: "Good folder to help a middle schooler get better organized. Quality is good, used it for three months and it's still in good shape." —Gina

Price: $8

37. An eye cream that'll give you that captivating stare.,

Promising Review: "I absolutely love this cream! Within two weeks I have seen a major improvement in my skin all around!" —Lindsey P

Price: $15

38. An adorable blanket for your adorable pup.,

Promising Review: "My little dog was sleeping in it within 30 minutes of delivery!! It's a small size large, if you know what I mean, but it's cool. Soft on both sides and nice colored little textured spots that my Che dog loved off the bat. I came into the room after spreading it out and he had caved himself up in the blanket. Perfect for my 7 1/2 pound little guy." —Patricia R.

Price: $12 (Available in three sizes and colors.)

39. A penis statue 'cause what better way to be awarded then with a gold penis?

Promising Review: "It's a 4.25" golden cock. Good girth for the length. Ribbon adds a nice layer of freedom. Made a great last-minute gift for Grandma." —Amazon Customer

Price: $4

40. A notebook that's pre-dotted and ideal for bullet journaling.

Promising Review: "I love the dots, which are great for drawing tables and grids by hand if you intersperse them in your writing. I'm using them for language study and I'm old school with my declension and conjugation charts, so this is perfect!" —StellaCadente

Price: $12

41. A book that'll help you turn your chicken-scratch into beautiful penmanship.

Promising Review: "This is the best way so far I have found to try and learn the original method of scripting. This has given me great insight into some of the better ways to write in a clear and concise way." —Dan

Price: $11 ($10 for Kindle)

42. A bottle of Scotchgard to help your shoes last a little longer.,

Promising Review: "I noticed that my daughter's boots have no salt stains on them, while my girlfriend's boots, that weren't treated, did have stains. Any marks also very easily come off just by dabbing with a damp paper towel." —Buzz Saw Murphy

Price: $14

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