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42 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Dip clips, Matcha masks, scratch and sniff books about wine, and other favorite products from our recent posts.

1. A drain snake that'll reach into those places that you can't (and don't want to).

2. Some dip clips so that you can eat on the couch without fear of spilling.

3. An adorable planner so that your life can be equal parts cute and organized.

4. An eyeliner that's almost too good to be true because it's a serum and an eyeliner that lasts all day.

5. A brush that'll help you get those hard-to-reach places that never get clean.

6. Some Princess Bride playing cards that you can play with as you wish.

7. A prep tool that'll make eating cauliflower a little less annoying.

8. A container of charcoal for your teeth so that you'll have a gleaming white smile.

9. A tool to make eating avocado the easiest thing you do all day.

10. A magnetic wristband that'll hold all your nails and screws.

11. An attachment for your bathtub that'll let you fill up your tub to the very top.

12. A set of lip balm that tastes delicious and hydrates magnificently.

13. A slicer that'll give you the perfect cut every time.

14. A Matcha mud mask that'll naturally nourish your skin.

15. A scratch and sniff book because you like the drinking part of being an adult, but that's it.

16. A set of bento boxes that'll make packing your lunch super easy.

17. A little car vacuum that has a lot of power.

18. A set of wash bags for your intimates so that you don't have to hand wash them.

19. A place for your glasses so that you're never searching blind for them.

20. A mascara that'll change your eyelash game.

21. A book that even your dog will love.

22. An organizer that'll make your morning hair care routine so much easier.

23. A sweatshirt that comes in any color you could possibly want.

24. A garlic press that'll also work on your limes.

25. A primer that'll make your makeup application so much easier.

26. A spiral slicer so your fries can be a little more fun!

27. An east-to-attach shelf that'll give you that little extra bathroom space that you so desperately need.

28. A notebook that'll get you ready to start that bullet journal you always talk about.

29. A set of markers that'll have you painting the town red, and blue, and yellow, and green.

30. A bottle of witch hazel that'll make turn your skin into a nightlight, because it'll glow so damn much!

31. A spatula that'll be the best damn spatula you didn't know you needed.

32. A pair of sunglasses that'll make you look stylish AF.

33. A shoe deodorizer that will get out the stink.

34. A book of crossword puzzles that'll test your knowledge of classic films.

35. An organizer that'll finally give you a place to put all those cutting boards.

36. A folder that'll help you get a little more organized this year.

37. An eye cream that'll give you that captivating stare.

38. An adorable blanket for your adorable pup.

39. A penis statue 'cause what better way to be awarded then with a gold penis?

40. A notebook that's pre-dotted and ideal for bullet journaling.

41. A book that'll help you turn your chicken-scratch into beautiful penmanship.

42. A bottle of Scotchgard to help your shoes last a little longer.