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Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: unicorn farts, a stocking flask, and a Himalayan salt lamp.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

1. A stocking flask because we all know Santa didn't get those rosy cheeks eating cookies.

Promising Review: "It fits 3 bottles of wine!!" —Jeff Lundy

Price: $15

2. An herb garden because it's time to let your inner hipster come out.

Promising Review: "Bought the kit, watched the how-to video, easy peasy. My little herb garden looks just like the ones pictured." —L. Mitchell

Price: $29

3. An egg cooker that'll have your breakfast ready in under 10 minutes.

Promising Review: "I set it up for the eggs I want, add the level of the water for soft, medium or hard eggs -- now get this -- I turn on the machine and WALK AWAY. I can go get ready for work and my eggs are ready for me in 7 minutes or less." —Julia Wolfe

Price: $15

4. A bag of unicorn farts so that you can finally figure out what a diet of skittles and lollipops tastes like.

Promising Review: "It's a small ball of cotton candy for $10, but I'm still giving it five stars because the packaging and the funny story on the bag had my daughter convinced that cotton candy is actually unicorn farts! She walked around all day showing people the bag and explaining how unicorns are real and they donate their farts to us to eat." —Kindle Customer

Price: $10

5. Lincoln Logs because they really *are* fun for all ages.

Promising Review: "Got to love Lincoln Logs! My grandchildren, their father, and I are having a great time building houses and forts. The roofing and foundations are much more effective than I remember from 50 years ago and the plans are clear and easy to follow. Go Logs!" —Frederick Harrell

Price: $30

6. Witch hazel toner to help clean and sooth your skin.

Promising Review: "I've completely replaced my face wash with this. Just one application morning and night on a cotton pad before applying moisturizer, and my skin has definitely cleared up. Plus, this will last you months - a money saver that's better for your skin." —Laura

Price: $10

7. A tie-dye kit so you can have a groovy good time.

Promising Review: "This is a great beginners kit. The provided plastic table cloth and rubber bands came in very handy, and while I have my own rubber gloves that fit better, I used the ones provided. I got my white cotton clothes and got in the mood to create. Using only 5 of the bottles, I dyed three pairs of infant socks, a short sleeve onesie, two short sleeved t-shirts and everything was well saturated, as it should be. As an 8 year old girl trapped in the body of a 57 year old woman, I had a lot of fun (and so did Karlo, my cat)." —FairyKat

Price: $13

8. A coloring book that finally speaks in a language you understand.

Promising Review: "Unfortunately, the only adult coloring books I can obtain locally are of butterflies and other foo-foo nonsense. THIS, however, allows me to clearly and colorfully illustrate my dislike for people in a way that no other medium quite manages." —Amazon Customer

Price: $4

9. A crystal Himalayan salt lamp that'll help bring you to your moment of zen.

Promising Review: "Seems to clear out the upward drifting cigarette smoke smell from my neighbor downstairs quicker than not having it. Also my cat seems to love it! :)" —Jennifer Parker

Price: $25

10. A mini trampoline for working out so exercise can be fun.

Promising Review: "I live in a small apartment and bought this in lieu of a treadmill. It was very easy to put together. The instructions say it requires two people and 20 minutes, but I put it together alone in about five. It's an easy and fun way to get in a quick sweaty workout in the morning, in between errands on the weekends or at night after a long day. I'm just under the max weight limit of 250 pounds, but the trampoline still feels very sturdy." —Powers89

Price: $28

11. A free standing steel closet... because you don't have enough closet space.

Promising Review: "Our bedroom closet wasn't cutting it so we decided to convert a spare bedroom into a closet and looked into racks. These were priced great, but we were a bit hesitant to trust them. After reading other reviews about their ability to hold up with a lot of weight, we ordered several. They seemed a bit flimsy at first, but once clothes and shoes were placed they did the job perfectly. I couldn't be happier!" —Marisa D

Price: $33

12. An eyeshadow palette because it's the only way Amazon will ever send you nudes.

Promising Review: "This is actually one of my all time favorite nude palettes. Performs just as well as the higher priced prestige brands. Great pigmentation and a nice selection of shades. I already own this and purchased for a friend...she loves it too!!" —Deborah Boughter

Price: $7

13. A savings box that'll store your loose change so that your actual dog doesn't eat it.

Promising Review: "Wonderful! I am using it for someone who needs hand therapy and dropping a coin into the bowl is perfect. For the price, the quality is really good. Everyone who sees this dog 'eat' the coin laughs out loud. We have used it several times a day for a month now, and it is still as good as new." —Florida Mom

Price: $14

14. A roaster oven to help make the holidays a little less overwhelming.

Promising Review: "Having lots of people over for Christmas dinner. So I tried it on Thanksgiving first. Turned it up to the high heat for the first 30 minutes and then lowered it for the rest of the cooking time. Turkey browned wonderfully - crispy skin and so moist inside. I did an 11lb prime rib with garlic herb crust, came out perfect and with no hassle. Only one word... Awesome!! Love this thing. Never disappoints!" —Jill Monopoli

Price: $60

15. Hair chalk so you can have rock and roll hair on the weekends, but keep your business hair during the week.

Promising Review: "My niece was turning 12 and I had no idea what to get her. Judging from all the kids walking around with Kool-Aid colored hair, I figured this may be a good idea. Plus, I didn't think my sister-in-law would appreciate the fact that the Kool-Aid lasts awhile and I wasn't sure what was allowed at her school. The chalk washes out easily and judging from her smile, I would say it was a hit!" —Ann Sheridan

Price: $10

16. Battery operated lights so you can be festive wherever you go.

Promising Review: "We rode the Jingle Bell Bike Ride in Houston, TX where it was required to 'dress up' your bike. These were extremely bright and since they are battery operated, worked perfectly. I only wish I had purchased an additional string. Had I, you could probably have seen my bike from the space station!" —Peanut

Price: $46

17. Mushroom hot cocoa that sounds odd but is surprisingly delicious.

Promising Review: "This stuff is great! Will definitely buy again and again. I was not expecting it to be as good as it was. It's outstanding. Tastes like a $5 cup of coffee and it's good for you!" —Jose Rodriguez

Price: $17

18. Glitter pens so that you can add sparkle to anything.

Promising Review: "This stuff is great for crafts, but it's kind of easy to make a mess, so it scared me when my 3 year old wanted to use it. As long as you have a well protected surface and/or a responsible person using them, they are great!" —we're all friends here

Price: $5

19. A coat rack that's perfect for any Totoro fans.

Promising Review: "I purchased this as a house warming gift for my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. When they opened the box you would have thought it was filled with diamonds! This is very well-constructed and sturdy. The edges are smooth and well-finished, therefore will not put a snag into delicate items, such as scarves. I highly recommend this to all Totoro fans!" —Joy Smith

Price: $27

20. Bath tablets that'll change the color of your bath water, making soaking in your own juices that much more colorful.

Promising Review: "One tab really does change the color of the water quite well and mixing tabs makes more color variants! No weird residues, no bath stains, no child stains, and no problems with sensitive skin." —Amy Curry

Price: $7

21. A pair of light-up sneakers that your kids will love... and that you'll be super jealous of.

Promising Review: "My 2 year old can't get enough of these shoes and neither can I!" —DaKeisha

Price: $30

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