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    32 Reasons Why You'll Want To Use Amazon To Help Plan Your Wedding

    It doesn't need to be stressful. I mean it probably will be, but Amazon is here to help.

    So you're getting married! Congratulations!!! Now you have to plan a whole freaking wedding!!

    Luckily, Amazon is here to be your two-day shipping, wedding planning BFF with everything you need to have the most magical event.

    1. First things first, you get to pick the lucky few you'll want with you while you say "I do." Ask them to be part of your bridal party with a sparkling bottle of their favorite champagne (or wine) customized with wedding party labels.

    2. You'll also need to send out your save the date cards, followed by the formal invitations, and while you're at it, get your thank you cards for all those generous gifts your friends and family will gift you guys.

    3. On the big day, cover up in a personalized silky robe, walk around in adorable slippers, and have a tote on hand to carry all your pampering supplies.

    4. Or you can snuggle up with a plush robe (that's also personalized), and some cozy socks.

    5. If you're the blushing bride, you might want to consider a stunning gown that'll guarantee all eyes will be on you.

    6. Get a custom hanger to drape your dress on and get a perfect photo opp.

    7. Oh, and don't forget your something blue.

    8. If you're the lucky groom, you'll need to suit up — or tux up.

    9. Whether you like sparkling or subtle, wedding bands probably play the most important part of your ceremony, so order these early in case they need to be sized. You can also get a custom box to store them in until you exchange them.

    10. If you've lost someone who you wish could be there, get a small plaque or print to honor them.

    11. Of course flowers can play a big part in this special day. Lots and lots and lots of flowers.

    12. Use flowers to help set the mood of your ceremony by draping them from an arbor or trellis.

    13. Once you've tied the knot, have your guest celebrate with bubbles or sparklers.

    14. And you'll definitely need signage! For your official wedding photos, decor, designating your table during the reception, or just for some ~whimsical~ fun.

    15. Have guests leave words of encouragement, advice, and congratulations with updated versions of a guest book.

    16. For the reception get name cards or a sign so people know where to sit (if you're having a seating chart).

    17. On that note, find table numbers in a variety of designs and styles.

    18. Consider decorating your venue with sparkling string lights to make it look even more magical.

    19. Or set the mood with romantic votive candles.

    20. Surround your centerpieces with silk rose petals, heart-shaped wood chips, or even acrylic diamonds — if you're feeling fancy.

    21. Amazon also has your chairs covered! And your tables, with table cloths, runners, and overlays.

    22. Leave your guests a little memory of this spectacular day with favors they can actually use (and enjoy) later.

    23. During the reception, toast the night with personalized champagne glasses created just for you guys.

    24. And let all your guests eat cake! Get personalized cake cutters for that epic moment you share your first bite.

    25. Speaking of cakes, get a topper that adds a little character.

    26. A good photo booth isn't just fun for your guests, but lets you create memories. Make your own starting with a sparkling backdrop.

    27. Then, add some fun accessories so everyone has a great time.

    28. And, regardless of photo booth status, create a hashtag so you can see everyone's happy memories after the big event.

    29. Consider adding a little box to accept the cards that hold people's generosity so they can spend the night dancing away, instead of worrying about where they might have left your gift.

    30. At some point in the ceremony, there might be a garter belt and bouquet thrown to the crowd...

    31. Once it's all over, get your passports and bags ready because it's time for the honeymoon!

    32. Which is totally private...but here are some things that might help set the mood.

    Congrats on your big day and here's to an eternity of snuggles.