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21 Places To Buy Custom Gifts You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Because we all need a sheet of stickers with our face on them.

1. Beast Quality makes personalized rubber stamps for any occasion or project.

2. Anymatic makes custom yoga mats, board shorts and swimsuits.

3. My Sticker Face makes custom stickers of your face.

4. Picture This! makes custom made guitar picks with images and a special message.

5. Cherishables makes custom cards, calendars, phone cases... you name it, they can probably personalize it.

6. Madewell brings personalized denim monogramming to your favorite jeans.

7. Vivian Topper Studio makes personalized figurines, bobble heads and cake toppers.

8. Sophia Victory Joy makes baking and cooking stencils to personalize your meals.

9. Lands' End makes monogrammed and embroidered backpacks.

10. Jordan Grace Owens makes paper dolls created in the image of you and your family or friends.

11. Zales makes custom jewelry like a name necklace, a la Carrie Bradshaw.

12. Shapeways makes custom 3D printed products based on your own designs.

13. Pottery Barn Kids makes customized children's toys, bedding and more.

14. Sarah Trumbauer makes hand cut paper art according to your specifications.

15. Coconutgrass makes personalized drink coasters in a variety of colors.

16. M&M's allow you to get a message or an image of your choice printed onto their delectable treats.

17. Trootoys makes your children's drawings come to life, turning them into toys and dolls.

18. I See Me makes personalized children's books created for the little ones in your life.

19. Camelotia turns an image of your favorite pet into a beautifully knit pillow.

20. Pink Mug NY makes custom made mugs featuring your favorite animal, cartoon or character drinking the beverage of your choice and even wearing your favorite sport team's hat.

21. Echo Neon Studio makes neon light signs created to your specifications.

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