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24 Amazing Subscription Boxes That Are Actually Useful

All those things you forget to buy until you desperately need them, delivered to your door.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Blue Bottle, your caffeine fix delivered to your door.

Just select the quantity, blend, and frequency you'd like to receive for your jolt of caffeine and Blue Bottle will deliver. You can get a half bag to a triple bag and deliveries can happen weekly or monthly, you decide!

Subscriptions from Blue Bottle Coffee start at $7/month.

2. Tampon Tribe, a monthly flow of period supplies.

Get your supply of certified organic tampons or pads delivered automatically. Customize the selection based on your needs and change it every month.

Subscriptions from Tampon Tribe start at $8/month.

3. Hair Tie Society, refills of the bobby pins and hair ties that always seem to disappear.

Get super high-quality bobby pins and hair ties every month. Just choose your product, hairstyle and hair color, and they'll come to your door.

Subscriptions with Hair Tie Society begin at $1/month.

4. MeUndies, a fresh supply of panties or boxers every month.

Select your style, size, and one of four plans for a selection of monthly undies fit to your specifications. Then you'll never have to stress about having actual (clean) unmentionables in your underwear drawer.

Subscriptions with MeUndies start at $16/month.

5. The Honest Company Diaper Bundle, recurring shipments of diapers and baby wipes.

Get six packs of playfully designed diapers and four packs of wipes delivered like clockwork every month. Also, if you sign up for a bundle, you get 25% off any other diaper supplies from Honest.

Diaper subscriptions with The Honest Company start at $80/month.

6. Sponge Club, clean sponges right when you need them.

You'll get a set of new cellulose non-scratch scrubbing sponges delivered to your house so that you can ditch the old ones and start the month off fresh.

Subscriptions with Sponge Club start at $5/month.

7. Dollar Shave Club, to help shave off the cost of your monthly razors.

Get new razors delivered to your mailbox every month. Just select your blade preference and delivery frequency. Shipping is free and you can cancel at any time.

Subscriptions with Dollar Shave Club start at $1/month.

8. Teabox, personalized teas so that you're always good to the last drop.

Teabox gives you a short quiz to determine your taste palate. Based on those results, you'll get a selection of delicious teas delivered to your door every month.

Subscriptions with Teabox begin at $20/month.

9. Raw Spice Bar, a monthly delivery that will help you keep it spicy.

Every month you'll receive three freshly ground spice packets that are perfect for fresh ingredients you have at home. Plus, you can personalize your recipes with a short quiz after you sign up.

Subscriptions with Raw Spice Bar start at $6/month.

10. The Bouqs, regular flower deliveries so that your home is always blooming.

Get fresh flowers delivered weekly, monthly, or as often as you'd like! Just select the frequency, bouquet size, and The Bouqs will send a stunning set of flowers to your door.

Subscriptions with The Bouqs start at $40 per delivery.

11. Black Socks, dress sock delivery so you can call the search off for all those who've gone missing.

Black Socks will deliver three crispy pair of dress socks every month -- or more if you think you need them. They also offer undershirt and boxer subscriptions so you can meet all your business-man needs.

Subscriptions with Black Socks begin at $89 for 3 month.

12. Brusher Club, super-affordable replacement heads for your electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrush heads need replacing every three months at minimum, but it's easy forget/ignore because they're often super expensive or hard to find. Brusher Club provides affordable replacements for Sonicare and Oral-B brushes with different bristle options delivered to your door.

Subscriptions from Brusher Club start at $3/month.

13. Starbucks Reserve Roastery, your own personal Starbucks delivered to your home.

Get as many as three 8.8 oz bags of Starbuck's featured monthly coffee delivered to your house with their Reserve Roastery subscription and never have to go on a Starbucks run again! (Barista not included.)

Subscriptions from Starbucks Reserve Roastery start at $19/month.

14. The Handy Box, a monthly selection of tools so you can fix anything in your house (even when it's not broken).

Chances are you might not have all the tools you need to handle household projects, so The Handy Box decided to help you out. For less than thirty bucks a month you'll get a delivery of tools that you can use to finally fix all those loose ends.

Subscriptions with The Handy Box start at $29/month.

15. Nature's Finest Produce, a bimonthly supply of fruits and veggies so that you always get your daily value of healthiness.

Get a box full of fresh, organic, and in-season produce delivered to your home every two weeks. You can even specify the things you need, prefer, and don't want so that every delivery is perfect.

Subscriptions with Nature's Finest Produce start at $30 every two weeks.

16. Baby Bin, a bundle of joy delivered to help with your bundle of joy.

With Baby Bin you'll get access to a variety of products that you otherwise might have never known about. From toys to bottles to onesies, they send you a perfectly curated assortment based on your baby's age and, if you want, gender.

Subscriptions with Baby Bin begin at $33/month.

17. Squix, a selection of cleaning supplies that'll leave your house squixy clean.

Get a monthly shipment of three full-size cleaning products, plus a free gift. You select the products you're in need of, or if you don't have a preference, they'll send you a selection of items.

Subscriptions with Squix begin at $15/month.

18. Sightbox, contact lenses brought to your door so that you're never walking blind.

They'll call your doctor to book your appointment, and even pay for the exam and fitting. Then, once they receive the prescription, send you a year supply of contact lenses. All you have to do is pay the monthly fee...and put in the contacts, of course.

Subscriptions with Sightbox begin at $39/month.

19. Boka, a toothbrush and toothpaste subscription so that your dental hygiene never suffers.

Select one of three kits and they'll send you fresh teeth-cleaning supplies every three months. All kits include a brush, toothpaste, and floss.

Subscriptions from Boka start at $15/3 months.

20. Single Cup Club, k-cup delivery that'll make drinking coffee alone a little more exciting.

You'll get 15 cups of light, medium, and dark roast coffee varieties every month for about $.60 a cup. The blends are chosen by artisan roasters and delivered right to your door.

Subscriptions with the Single Cup Club begin at $13/month.

21. Fresh Clean Tees, literally fresh clean T-shirts delivered monthly.

Choose a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly delivery, then select your size and style preference. After that, all you do is wait! Three super comfy tees will arrive at your doorstep and have you looking fresh-to-death in no time.

Subscriptions with Fresh Clean Tees start at $36/month.

22. The Honest Company Essentials Bundle, organic and safe home and beauty products your family will love.

Get your shampoo, hand soap, and cleaning supplies in one affordable delivery every month. You can decide what products make up every bundle, from lotions to glass cleaner, you pick the things you need.

Essentials subscriptions with The Honest Company start at $36/month.

23. Quip, fancy futuristic toothbrushes to last you the whole year.

Pick one of Quip's six color varieties, they'll send you the electric toothbrush, toothpaste and replacement heads for an entire year. Also, these are the cutest toothbrushes we've ever seen.

Subscriptions with Quip start at $40/year.

24. Mantry, a monthly supply of all your manly snack needs.

Get six full size artisan food products delivered to your door every month. Not only are these products explained in detail with recipe suggestions, they also arrive in a handmade wooden crate. Making them is, not only delicious, but, Instagram ready.

Subscriptions with Mantry begin at $49 every two months.

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