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All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a cold brew maker, makeup brush cleaning mats, clothing for kids, and more!

1. 35% off the Sink Shroom.

2. 25% off a Chewbacca mask that people will get a great laugh out of.

3. 50% off a set of makeup brush cleaning mats and blender sponge.

4. 72% off a Totu Windproof Umbrella.

5. 20% or more off kid's and baby clothing.

6. 45% off a three piece set of packing cubes.

7. 20% off the Bussell Pet Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum.

8. 73% off a cold brew maker.

9. 66% off a set of collapsable portable outdoor LED camping lanterns with batteries included.

10. 40% off this Batman alarm clock.

11. 55% off a foundation and powder makeup brush set.

12. 29% off a 6-pack of wool dryer balls.

13. 32% off a countertop deep fryer.

14. 22% off a urinal for your toddler.

15. 30% off the paperback edition of Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

16. Up to 50% off select Scientific Explorer toys.

17. 60% off a seven piece titanium and ceramic cookware set.