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    22 Times Seth Cohen Proved He'd Be The Greatest Boyfriend

    It's fate. It's destiny. We both like burritos.

    1. This is Seth Cohen. Seth Cohen is potentially the most perfect fictional man to ever exist, and all other men pale in comparison.

    2. Seth Cohen has some of the best pickup lines the world has ever seen.

    3. And Seth Cohen would remember things about you that not even you remember.

    4. You know that you could have deep conversations with Seth Cohen, because he's not afraid to get in touch with his emotions.

    5. And he would never hide his feelings for you, because Seth Cohen is a fan of making grand romantic statements.

    6. And grand romantic gestures.


    7. He's also a big fan of public declarations of love, which would mean that everyone would know you were dating Seth Cohen, the perfect man.

    8. Not to mention he would probably ask you out using pancakes, which everyone knows is the best way to be asked out.

    9. Plus, there's no question that your life together would be full of bagels. And who doesn't love bagels?

    10. Seth Cohen wouldn't be afraid to apologise if he was in the wrong, like ~some~ people.*

    FOX /

    *Ryan. Stupid Ryan.

    11. Seth Cohen would be happy to tell you what he wants, and he would make your heart melt into a puddle in the process.

    12. And your kisses with Seth Cohen would undoubtedly be some of the most iconic kisses in history.

    13. Seth Cohen would count the number of days you've been together, because he just cares that much.

    14. And his pet names for you would be the cutest pet names in the history of mankind.

    15. You know your wedding would be a perfect occasion, because he has an eye for that kind of thing.

    16. And you know that if anyone tried to hurt you, Seth Cohen would go so Ryan Atwood on their ass.

    17. But he's also totally not afraid to admit when he needs comfort too.

    18. Seth Cohen would be there for you no matter what the time of day.

    19. You know your parents would love him, because parents love Seth Cohen.

    20. He'd be more than happy to stay in bed all day with you on ~those~ days, because he has ~those~ days too.

    21. And he knows how to have a rollicking good time.

    22. But most of all, Seth Cohen understands the importance of burritos. And that's why Seth Cohen is your soulmate.

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