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    21 Jokes That Will Make "Hamilton" Fans Laugh Way Too Hard

    "Personally I'm more of a Lin-Manuel Samantha."

    1. This very valid point.

    *jesus rises from the dead in 2016* reporter: "what will you do now, jesus?" jesus: "idk fam, I kinda wanna see hamilton?"

    2. This ultimate goal in life.

    find someone who looks at you the way lin-manuel miranda looks at literally everyone

    3. This perspective on current events.

    only thing to look forward to now is hopefully the barnstorming award-winning musical that will emerge from this crisis in about 240 years

    4. This Sex and the City pun.

    Personally I'm more of a Lin-Manuel Samantha

    5. This gut-wrenching truth.

    The most consistent thing in my life is the Hamilton rejection email I get at 4pm every day.

    6. This depiction of you singing "Yorktown".

    ∧ ∧ (・_・)っhad a spy (っ / on the inside LノL   ∧___∧ ⊂(・_・)  ヽ ⊂二/that's right  (⌒) / /   \ | ● ● |HERCULES \ __ /MULLIGAN

    7. And this one of you singing "Non-Stop".

    when the song has different parts playing at the same time and you try to sing all of them

    8. This familiar feeling.

    when u and ur friends were ready to present a 🔥 group project

    9. This summary of your interests post-Hamilton.

    'who are your top 3 rappers?' normal people: tupac, biggie, jayz me, george washington, alexander hamilton, thomas jefferson

    10. This shocking discovery.

    kind of overboard that because of @HamiltonMusical they've started changing all the street names in nyc?

    11. This amazing interaction.

    STREET GUY: smile more! ME: don't let them know what you're against or what you're for! [we start a Hamilton sing-a-long] Sexism is over!

    12. This summary of all of your conversations.

    Me working out with personal trainer: *does a lunge* So, Burr and Hamilton are rivals *lunge* but it’s more nuanced than that *lunge*

    13. This worryingly accurate point.

    The daily pics of Lin-Manuel Miranda backstage at Hamilton look like he's being held hostage by a rotating group of giant celebrities.

    14. This family moment.

    when ur grandpa starts handing out $20s and ur fam turns real sweet

    15. This sad fact.

    There's a better chance of the Obamas adopting me so I can watch Hamilton at the White House than actually winning the Hamilton lottery

    16. This, which is definitely you every time you listen to "Dear Theodosia".

    oh and now burr and hamilton are singing a sweet song to their children. good thing they will be friends forever and this is the last song

    17. This King George III in the making.

    You'll be back. Soon you'll seeeee you'll remember you belong to me you'll be back...

    18. This truth.

    If you told Alexander Hamilton that the online lottery to see his rap musical was unavailable due to server overload, he'd be like, "WITCH!"

    19. And this one.

    im not "living" so much as im waiting for lemonade and the hamilton soundtracks to be available at karaoke

    20. This proof that the best jokes come from the man himself.

    He's very attractive in the North #HamOfThrones #HasThisBeenDone

    21. And, of course, this.

    *Lady rolls down her car window at 181st street* "congrats on HAMLET!" Me: "I WISH I wrote Hamlet!" Lady: "Yay HAMLET!" *drives away* #myday

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