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    13 Secrets Taylor Swift Has Spilled About Her Upcoming Album

    From album titles to Easter eggs to in-depth lyrics.

    I'm sure you'll know by now that on Friday, Taylor Swift released the lead single from her highly anticipated seventh album. It's called "Me", and obviously, it's a bop.

    She's keeping all the info about the rest of the album ~very~ under wraps, but Taylor has revealed a couple of interesting details in radio interviews over the last few days.

    Here's everything we know so far...

    1. First of all: Yes, the album is finished.

    2. Taylor started working on TS7 almost immediately after finishing the Reputation tour in November.

    3. The countdown theory may not have been legit — and Taylor is well aware of it — but we were right about certain Instagram posts marking the beginning of the TS7 era.

    4. The album's lead single — "Me" — isn't meant to take itself too seriously, and was written as a "self-love mantra".

    5. According to Taylor, she didn't just include a few Easter eggs in the video for "Me" — literally everything in the video is foreshadowing what's to come with the album.

    6. In fact, some of the clues won't become clear for literally months — until Taylor goes on tour.

    7. While "Me" wasn't the first song that was written for the album, it immediately became clear to Taylor that it should be the lead single after she wrote the chorus.

    8. However, the song isn't necessarily a representation of what's to come with the rest of the album.

    9. We do know that we can definitely expect something entirely different from the Reputation era.

    10. But that doesn't mean the album is going to be all happy songs.

    11. In fact, Taylor says the rest of the album is "very different" from the lead single, and contains some "in-depth lyrics that [she's] really proud of".

    12. Taylor hinted that we may be getting some more singles before she drops the entire album.

    13. And while she's not ready to reveal the album's title just yet, she did say some fans have guessed correctly based on clues in the video.

    That's all, Swifties! And remember: Spelling is fun!