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Just 26 Adorable Photos Of The "Stranger Things" Cast Hanging Out IRL

Best. Squad. Ever.

1. If you've seen Stranger Things, you'll know the best part about it is the cast of characters – and they're all BFFs in real life, too.

2. So along with the release of Season 2 have come some seriously adorable photos of the cast hanging out off-set.

3. Like this photo of Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink on holiday together, proving that Eleven and Max are actually besties after all.

4. And this photo of Millie, Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), and Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) having what looks like the best time.

5. Here's Caleb, Gaten, and Finn Wolfhard (Mike) wearing matching football shirts.

6. Oh, and here's Millie, Sadie, and Noah Schnapp (Will) wearing their own versions.

7. They do adorable things when they're together, like going to dinner to celebrate Gaten's brother's birthday.

8. And taking over the DJ booth to prove they really know how to party.

9. Oh, and they also look seriously badass when they're just chilling on set between takes.

10. Like, tell me you don't want to be part of Hawkins AV Club right now.

11. They always use Instagram to share adorable messages with each other, like Millie's congratulations to David Harbour (Hopper) for his Emmy nomination.

12. And even when they spend entire days promoting the show, they have the best time together.

13. Like this photo of the whole Hawkins AV gang having the best time backstage at the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

14. Obviously, they all have a great time going to awards shows like the Emmys, and they all look dapper as heck.

15. And while all the other grown-up celebs are being boring and responsible, the Stranger Things kids are posting excited selfies from the audience.

16. Like this one of Noah and Millie.

17. But it's not just the younger kids who are in the squad: Joe Keery, aka everyone's fave Steve Harrington, gets involved in the set fun too.

18. He even takes adorable photos of the rest of the cast on set, like this one of the kids.

19. And when he's not doing that, he's grabbing lunch with his fellow older teen cast members, like Dacre Montgomery (Billy), who is apparently not evil IRL.

20. He even poses for nice, non-villainous photos with the younger kids! Cute.

21. Here's Gaten and Noah carpooling (probably) to work together, as only true best work friends do.

22. And here's Finn and Gaten slow-dancing together at a party.

23. Oh, and Caleb, Finn, and Gaten showing us all how the sunglasses-and-baseball-cap combination should really be done.

24. Here's Steve and Mike hanging out and proving they can still be friends, even if the whole ~Steve and Nancy~ thing didn't work out.

25. And here's Gaten teaching Noah how to be a real wizard, duh.

26. Best. Squad. Ever. 💖