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22 Times Celebs Proved They're Actually Just Normal People

Okay. Maybe not EXACTLY like us.

1. When Anna Kendrick met Beyoncé and created a beautiful work of art in honour of the moment.

2. Oh, and basically any time Leslie Jones meets a celebrity, takes a selfie with them, and Instagrams it.

3. Seriously, it happens a lot.

4. When Blake Lively was just really into pasta sauce, guys.

5. When John Legend bought Chrissy Teigen a giant wheel of cheese for Christmas, and it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

6. And when she paid homage to this gigantic fucking burrito.

7. When Demi Lovato got a cold and had to wear nose tampons.

8. When Taylor Swift had to wake up for a 7am flight and she was not even remotely here for it.

9. When Lena Dunham tried to FaceTime her dog, because she understands the important things in life.

10. When Chris Pratt came across this T-shirt in Beijing and made the joke that literally all of us would make.

11. When it was Mindy Kaling's birthday and she required two slices of cake because IT'S HER BIRTHDAY, GODDAMMIT.

12. When Elle Fanning demonstrated that even celebs have to go through the horror of wisdom teeth removal.

13. And when she wanted to ditch going out for sweatpants and drinking milk out of a fancy glass.

14. When Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone proved celebs definitely geek out over Harry Potter too.

15. And when Ariana Grande proved they also geek out over Pokémon Go.

16. When Anne Hathaway shared her nervous rash with the world.

17. And when Nick Jonas reminded us all that getting sweat patches when you're with your crush was a serious teenage struggle.

18. When John Boyega spent his Sunday at church with his mum.

19. When Brie Larson recognised what's important in life.

20. When Amy Schumer demonstrated what happens when you ~actually~ try to take one of those Kardashian/Jenner pool-float photos.

21. When Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez proved that not even celebrities are immune to making terrible jokes.

22. And, of course, when Adele was not even remotely chill during her workout.