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21 Tumblr Posts That Prove Hermione Is The Best Character In Harry Potter

♫ She's beauty, she's grace, she punched Malfoy in the face... ♫

1. This short, sweet, and perfectly accurate song, which is going to be stuck in your head for days:

2. This, which proves just how trustworthy Hermione really is:

3. And this, which is a testament to her friendship (and her intelligence):

4. This reminder of how utterly badass she is:

5. Because even though we all know Hermione loves rules, we should always remember that she knew how to break them like a boss:

6. Seriously:

7. This reminder that even when people talked down to her, she turned around and kicked their asses anyway:

8. This headcanon, which definitely happened, because Hermione can't help but be a total nerd in all situations:

9. And this headcanon, which could warm even Voldemort's heart (OK, maybe not, but it's cute):

10. This indication that she ~may~ not have thought things through every time:

11. This, which will make you wonder whether Madam Pomfrey should be trusted to work in a school, tbh:

12. This completely adorable fandom crossover:

13. This totally heartbreaking truth, which will make you even more thankful for the golden trio as a whole:

14. And this, which will break your heart just a little bit more:

15. This conversation, which definitely probably happened at some point:

16. This heartwarming reminder of the real reasons Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw:

17. And this emotional little explanation for one of her most famous lines:

18. This proof that, after the Battle of Hogwarts, there would be a SECOND person Voldemort was ever scared of:

19. This, which makes you wonder what went on during Hermione's summer holidays:

20. Because her dentist parents would be totally oblivious* to her misdemeanours:

21. And, finally, this utter truth: