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    So It Looks Like Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Are Actually Engaged

    And the ring is obviously really tiny and low-key.

    Queen of the whole world Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Meek Mill have been dating since the beginning of this year, and things seem to be getting pretty darn serious.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    There were ~rumours~ of an engagement when Meek posted this photo to Instagram seven months ago...

    But now Nicki has fuelled MORE RUMOURS. Because she instagrammed this photo of a very small and low-key ring on Wednesday night:

    And then, in case we missed it the first time because it is so small and tiny, she instagrammed it again.

    Earlier in the day, Meek instagrammed this photo of some fucking massive diamonds, one of which looks like it ended up in Nicki's ring, maybe.

    Now, it was Nicki's birthday on Tuesday. This might just be an incredibly elaborate birthday gift. But important, in-depth Instagram caption analysis would suggest otherwise:

    Nicki has made it VERY CLEAR that she is wearing this ring on her RING FINGER. As in the finger you wear ENGAGEMENT RINGS on.

    Also, literally everyone knows that this is the engagement ring emoji:

    So basically, there's only one question left to ask: Is Drake going to be at the wedding?

    Grant Lamos IV / Stringer / BuzzFeed

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