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So It Looks Like Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Are Actually Engaged

And the ring is obviously really tiny and low-key.

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There were ~rumours~ of an engagement when Meek posted this photo to Instagram seven months ago...

Instagram: @meekmill

The rumours never amounted to anything. He just really likes literally showering Nicki with diamonds.

But now Nicki has fuelled MORE RUMOURS. Because she instagrammed this photo of a very small and low-key ring on Wednesday night:

Instagram: @nickiminaj

And then, in case we missed it the first time because it is so small and tiny, she instagrammed it again.

Instagram: @nickiminaj

Earlier in the day, Meek instagrammed this photo of some fucking massive diamonds, one of which looks like it ended up in Nicki's ring, maybe.

Instagram: @meekmill

Now, it was Nicki's birthday on Tuesday. This might just be an incredibly elaborate birthday gift. But important, in-depth Instagram caption analysis would suggest otherwise:

Nicki has made it VERY CLEAR that she is wearing this ring on her RING FINGER. As in the finger you wear ENGAGEMENT RINGS on.