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21 Struggles All Ridiculously Pale Girls Will Understand

No, I'm not sick. That's just the colour of my face.

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1. Finding a foundation that actually matches your skin tone is so difficult that by this point you've just given up altogether.

3. In fact, getting any kind of face make-up that doesn't make you look like a clown is way more effort than it's worth.

The awkward moment when your makeup is too dark for your face & the color is 'transparent.' #paleproblems

4. And while the whole world is going crazy for Kim K contouring, you're in the corner using a slightly darker* concealer instead of bronzer.

*Still pale AF.


5. After the make-up struggle has been overcome, you have to face the fact that any "nude" tights you buy are going to make your legs look like they belong to a different body.

That moment when you put on "light beige" tights and it's still darker than your actual skin tone. #paleproblems

Because "nude" = at least five shades darker than your actual skin tone.

6. You bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "good selfie lighting".

Taking a selfie is some next-level stuff when most lighting makes you look like Lord Voldemort.

7. And flash photography is basically the bane of your entire existence.

flash photography at night is not a good look for me #paleproblems

8. Especially when your friends aren't a bunch of ghosts, and you're the only one in the photo that just looks like a hovering pair of eyes.

10. And something as simple as walking up a couple of flights of stairs leaves you red-faced and looking like you just ran a marathon.

11. People constantly ask you if you're feeling OK, as if they haven't seen you being this pale every other day of your life.

Didn't have any foundation on today, 7 people asked me if I was feeling ill πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ #paleproblems


14. Because the constant need to reapply sunscreen is just way too much maintenance.

I have literally put on sunscreen like 10 times in the past 3 hours while at the beach and I'm still look like a lobster #paleproblems

15. Plus, hardly any shops actually stock the SPF 1 million+ that you need.

16. And even if you can be bothered to slather yourself in sunscreen on an hourly basis, you still have to follow the shade wherever you go.

Moving my deck chair every time the sun moves to stay in the shade is like the physical manifestation of trying to chase time #paleproblems


21. Until it starts to snow, and you keep getting lost because you blend in with your surroundings.

If I were to get buried in the snow no one would ever find this pasty body #paleproblems