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    23 Things Everyone Remembers About #GrowingUpInBirmingham

    Yes, it is the second-biggest city. No, it's not Manchester.

    1. Our (apparently) weird language, which no one else seems to understand.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham realising that no one else in the UK calls roundabouts islands, ice lollies tip tops and forward roles a gambol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬

    2.'s called a cob.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham and knowing what a cob is

    3. Spending way too much time on the 11 bus route on our day off.

    #growingupinbirmingham perfect for a 1st date... Or wagging school

    Did you know it's the longest bus route in Europe?

    4. The struggles you face when you're from the "posh" part of Birmingham.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham when you tell someone you're from Sutton Coldfield and they immediately try grill you for being a "posh boy"

    5. Spending almost every weekend of your teen goth phase in the Oasis Market.

    #growingupinbirmingham Thinking you were a complete badass going into Oasis market and actually buying something. Usually black and spiky.

    6. Or in Pigeon Park, if you were truly committed.

    #growingupinbirmingham walking through pigeon park and this was all you'd ever see

    7. And nobody ever knowing what the park is actually called...

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham not knowing the acutal name of pigeon park...

    8. Everyone knowing who you're talking about when you mention that one old bloke in town.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham always seeing that old geeza around town wearing mad coloured suits with a matching hat and shoes

    9. Always saying to your friends, "I'll meet you on the ramp."

    when you say "the mcdonalds on the ramp" everyone knows exactly where you mean #growingupinbirmingham

    10. And always getting confused between these two.

    Having absolutely no idea which one was the Pavillions and which one was the Pallasades. #growingupinbirmingham

    Why do they both start with a P? And why does anybody care?

    11. Seriously...does anyone really know?

    'We'll meet at the ramp to the pavilion' 'Isn't it the pallasades?' #GrowingUpInBirmingham

    12. So you just end up always meeting in the same place.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham just meet by the bull

    13. Definitely knowing where you stand when it comes to the ~fancy~ shopping centres.

    #growingupinbirmingham only going to the mailbox if it was somebody's birthday

    14. Our pet names being the actual best.

    #growingupinbirmingham bab, bab and more bab

    15. Feeling like an absolute badass when you got into Snobs on a Wednesday night.

    Fake ID-ing your way into the theatre of dreams #growingupinbirmingham

    Why were the floors ALWAYS sticky? And why was it constantly covered in scaffolding?

    16. Feeling incredibly proud of our cultural standing after a couple of pints.

    #GrowingUpInbirmingham every pub you go into plays ub40 at some point during the night.

    17. Being an absolute Cadbury chocolate purist, through and through.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham Waking up to the smell of the Cadbury Factory every morning during childhood then wondering why I'm fat

    18. And always knowing that if someone's going to the beach, it's going to be Weston.

    Going to Weston super mare and coming back with a brum sun tan #growingupinbirmingham

    19. BRMB being your actual saviour on a snowy day.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham Listening to 96.4FM when it snowed and waiting for Les Ross to say your school was closed!

    20. Almost literally passing out every time you go through the Queensway because you're that committed to the game.

    Holding your breath when driving under the queensway tunnel #growingupinbirmingham

    21. Getting extremely confused about where the city actually ends.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham Having to say you're from 'Birmingham' because no one actually knows where Cannock is.

    Stourbridge? Kidderminster? Who the fuck knows?

    22. And your feelings about your city being very dependent on the situation you're in.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham when you're alone thinking about it u don't like where u grew up but at a pub with all the lads u feel patriotic af

    23. But most of all, just getting really, really bored of telling people that no one actually speaks like that.

    #GrowingUpInBirmingham telling someone you are from Birmingham and they say Birmingham in an accent that only exists to take the piss

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