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25 Netflix Hidden Treasures You Really Should Be Watching

New year, new List.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us all about their favourite hidden treasures on Netflix. Here are some of the amazing TV shows they recommended...

1. 3%


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

"It’s a dystopian thriller: 97% of the population live in poverty on the Inland while the 3% live in luxury on the Offshore. Every year they hold The Process, where all 20 year olds go through a series of tests and the top 3% get to move to the Offshore. It’s in Portuguese but it’s definitely worth watching and it’s especially interesting to see how a country outside the United States imagines a dystopian society." – gwynp2

3. Chewing Gum


Watch on: Netflix US, Canada, Australia, and more

"It's hilarious and poignant and no one seems to know about it. It's about this 20-something girl from a super religious family who wants to have sex with her long-term boyfriend but he refuses. In the first episode, they break up and her adventure begins. The characters are fantastic and Tracy's monologues are on point." – Ally Bair, Facebook

4. The Paradise


Watch on: Netflix US, UK, Canada, and more

"It’s a lovely British show about a shop and the people working there. Great for binge-watching for all the Downton Abbey lovers, since it has only two seasons." – runyagk

7. Longmire


Watch on: Netflix US, Canada, Australia, and more

"t’s a really compelling contemporary western murder-mystery set in Wyoming. The regular characters solve a different mystery each week, like a regular procedural, but then there are other mysteries and issues that run through the whole series. I literally cannot stop watching." – DaisieBel

9. Terrace House


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

"It's in Japanese, subtitled in English. Think Real World if Real World had a soul. It's cute and sweet and in addition to confessionals, there's a board of commentators who talk about the episode in between scene cuts who are so funny." – Jennifer Lynn, Facebook

10. Lovesick


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

"It’s witty, daring, consuming and well shot! It’s not just another episodic sitcom, it’s a love story with a complex and enjoyable storyline." – saraunicorn8

11. Rectify


Watch on: Netflix US, Canada, Germany, and more

"The story revolves around Daniel Holden, who’s spent the last 18 years on death row. When new DNA evidence is discovered, his sentence is vacated, and he’s re-introduced into society. Apart from the cast (which is phenomenal), what makes this show so intriguing is that no one, including the audience, knows if Daniel is guilty or not." – oxfordarmadillo

13. Dramaworld


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

"It's about this girl who's obsessed with Korean dramas and gets sucked into one to help fix the storyline, but she ends up making it worse. It’s really funny and definitely worth watching – it's kind of short, but it's so good." – yepitssarah

14. Lady Dynamite


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

"If you love Arrested Development, this is a must-watch. Maria Bamford is hilarious and the show is a fast-paced absurdist gem, all while managing to say something important about mental health. This show proves that comedy is the ultimate medium for creativity and innovation." – k471bd68d9

16. Limitless


Watch on: Netflix US

"I was hooked on episode 1 and ended up finishing it in three days. It’s one season of 22 episodes and it’s about a struggling but charmingly witty young man named Brian Finch, who gets his hands on NZT, a drug that he discovers opens up his brain 100%, so the FBI hires him as a consultant to help solve crimes." – Jessica Maldonado

17. The Fall


Watch on: Netflix US, Canada, Australia, and more

"It's an amazingly tense murder mystery that splits time between a serial killer terrorising Belfast and the badass DSI from the Met who is going to bring him to justice. Totally unlike other crime shows." – jessf4b5e4ee13

18. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

"I know the name sounds a bit dowdy, but it is FAB-U-LOUS. The characters are interesting and have great chemistry. The stories are well-written and often touch on social issues without preaching or feeling like 'a very special episode'. And the costumes!" – alexandrak17

19. Club de Cuervos


Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

"It's a Spanish-language dramedy about a brother and sister fighting over the presidency of a Mexican soccer club after their father’s death. It’s fast-paced with great characters and some hilarious situations. If you don’t mind subtitles it’s totally worth it." – korndog

20. Sirens

USA Network

Watch on: Netflix US, Mexico, Brazil, and more

"I work in the medical field and Sirens is the one medical show that has me crying with laughter and also feels real to the profession. I was SO bummed when it wasn’t renewed for further seasons." – Cguehrn

22. Awake


Watch on: Netflix US, Mexico, Brazil, and more

"It’s about a man who, after a car crash, lives in two realities: one where his son died, and one where his wife died. When he goes to sleep in one world, he wakes up in the other." – emma106

23. Leverage


Watch on: Netflix US and Japan

"Leverage is one of my favourite shows of all time! A team of highly skilled criminals turn Robin Hood and work outside the law to bring down rich and powerful people who fuck over regular people. The whole series is on Netflix, but I hardly know anyone who has seen it." – Nova Mandel, Facebook

24. The Almighty Johnsons


Watch on: Netflix US, Canada, and Australia

"It’s this dramedy about this Auckland family who all just happen to be the reincarnation of Norse Gods. The show was so good, it’s 3 seasons and just a good weekend binge. I cried so hard at the end because it was so bittersweet." – kxxksrxsie

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