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Taylor Swift Just Won The World's First Taylor Swift Award, Obviously


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When I say a shitload of awards, I am not talking like 100 awards (even though 100 awards would be a shitload of awards). I'm talking over 250 goddamn awards.

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In case this didn't make you feel inadequate enough, Taylor Swift has won more than 10 awards for every year she has been alive, including 19 American Music Awards, 22 Billboard Music Awards, and ten Grammys.

So when the BMI Pop Awards decided to name an award the Taylor Swift Award, it seemed kind of inevitable that they were going to give the award to Taylor Swift.

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Here is a picture of Taylor Swift and a bunch of other people posing with some other awards she got on the same night as the Taylor Swift Award.

Taylor posted a video of herself accepting the award on her Instagram, with the caption "BMI created an award called the Taylor Swift Award because BMI is very very nice 😘".

Instagram: @taylorswift