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Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

"X Factor" Winner Louisa Johnson Plays A Game of Festive Pictionary

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It’s been just over a week since she became the youngest ever winner of The X Factor, but Louisa Johnson is quickly approaching star status. The 17-year-old stopped by BuzzFeed’s London offices last week to promote her winner’s single, “Forever Young”, and we decided that we’d get a little bit ~festive~ by getting her to draw the first thing that comes to mind when she hears these words...

LJ: It's not very good... It just reminds me of a tree. I don't even know why.


LJ: It's me being excited!

LJ: I don't know what that is. It's meant to be a turkey, but it turned into an apple.


LJ: [laughs] They're reindeer! [continues laughing]

LJ: Do you know what it's meant to be?!
BF: Is that you making a snow angel?
LJ: Yeah!

LJ: This is really bad... 'Cause Santa got stuck up the chimney, so the reindeer's eating the mince pies. See? I'm good aren't I?

LJ: Yaaaaaayyyy!!

Louisa’s debut single, “Forever Young”, is available for download now. You can also catch her on the X Factor Tour, beginning February 2016.