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    Lizzo Opened Up About How Quarantine Is Affecting Her Mental Health And Body Image

    "Self-hatred was starting to creep up on me."

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    It turns out stars really ~are~ just like us, because currently they are also staying home as much as possible to help flatten the curve and stop the coronavirus pandemic, and among them is everyone's fave flautist, Lizzo.

    Lizzo has spent her quarantine meditating and building her following on TikTok, and over the weekend she also joined in with Lady Gaga's One World Together at Home concert, performing a powerful rendition of "A Change Is Gonna Come".

    But on Tuesday, Lizzo opened up about some of the more difficult sides of being in quarantine, explaining how isolation has been negatively affecting her mental health.

    "This quarantine has a lot of people suffering from mental health issues because we can’t get out and do our normal coping/self care routines," she wrote on Instagram.

    She also told her followers to engage in a little self-love, posting a video of herself in lingerie and encouraging everyone to "show some love" to the parts of ourselves we're not too happy with.

    Plenty of people jumped into the comments to share their love for Lizzo, and thanked her for her words.

    And some even shared their experiences of how Lizzo has helped them become more confident in themselves.

    Never change, Lizzo. 💖👑