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    19 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Were Born And Raised In The Midlands

    No, we're not northern. Nope, not southern either.

    1. First off, you've wasted way too much of your lifetime arguing with southerners that you're not northern...

    2. ...and explaining to northerners that you're not southern.

    3. But explaining where you're actually from to a non-Midlander has always been a massive struggle...

    'We're in Swadlincote' 'Where's that?' 'Near Burton' 'Where's that?' 'Between Derby and Birmingham' #MidlandsProblems

    4. Because at this point, you're not even sure any more.

    5. So you'll continue to tell people that you're a Midlander, and just accept the bemused looks on their faces because apparently no one knows what that means.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    6. And even you don't know where the Midlands ~technically~ ends.

    Disney / Via

    7. Because although you feel very strongly about what you don't identify as, it's difficult to pinpoint what you do.

    Things I've learnt since Saturday: Up north I'm a cockney and down south I'm a raving northerner #midlandsproblems

    8. Plus, after you've got past the whole "where-you're-actually-from" debate, there's the issue of the language barrier.

    "It ends at dinner time" "do you mean lunch or tea?" "DINNER TIME" #Midlandsproblems

    Because yes, us Midlanders basically have our own language.

    9. You're frankly sick and tired of answering the question of "What's actually there?"

    10. Because the Midlands is packed with beautiful scenery...

    11. Exciting city life...

    12. And fun days out that you couldn't find anywhere else.

    13. The one thing we don't have is beaches, and getting to the nearest one seems like an endless trek.

    Why do I live so far away from the sea 😩🌊🌞 #midlandsproblems

    14. In fact, getting to anywhere that isn't the Midlands seems like more effort than getting the ring to Mordor.

    it's soooo far away. I'll have to spend 12 years of my life on the train before I even get out of middle earth #midlandsproblems

    15. But that's OK, because the reasons to stay in the Midlands are plenty...

    16. For example, there's way too much great food here to ever leave, because if you leave you wouldn't have time to eat it all.

    17. And the area is so rich with culture that you definitely don't have time to take it all in.

    18. Basically, you're completely sick of people dismissing the Midlands as crap...


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