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    Leslie Jones Proved She Gives No Fucks With This Hilarious "SNL" Skit

    A dive into the mind of an unstable genius, and the hacker she hired to help.

    Comedian Leslie Jones, star of Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live, made headlines this summer after she became the victim of racist and misogynistic abuse on Twitter.

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    A month later, Leslie's personal website was hacked. The hackers posted nude photos of her online, as well as personal information such as her driver's license and passport.

    Leslie then took her online harassers to task at the Emmys, because she's a damn wonderful person who doesn't let assholes get her down.


    So when Saturday Night Live premiered its 42nd season this past weekend, of course Leslie took the opportunity to make light of the situation with a hilarious sketch.

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    The sketch sees Leslie enlist the help of Elliot from Mr Robot – played by Pete Davidson – to find out who hacked her website.

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    The whole skit is just perfect.

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    And is a friendly reminder that Leslie Jones is one of the funniest comedians on the planet right now.

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    Oh, and there was a perfect tribute for all Ghostbusters fans.

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    If anyone needs me, I'll be voting Leslie Jones for President.

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    Keep killing it, Leslie. 💖

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    Watch the hilarious sketch in full here.

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