21 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Obsessed With TV

    Don't even try to calculate the amount of time you spend watching TV.

    1. It's taken some time to come to terms with your addiction, but you've accepted it now. It's just a part of you. You're obsessed with television.

    2. Being obsessed with TV comes with a very particular set of skills. For example, you can pretty much name which network any show is on without looking it up.

    3. And most conversations you have include some reference to – or quote from – a specific TV show.

    4. In fact, even the most mundane activities have started to remind you of certain shows.

    you know you watch too much greys anatomy when you feel like you're scrubbing in every time you wash your hands lol

    5. And if you know someone with the same name as a TV character, that's basically it for them.

    6. Characters from shows have even started infiltrating your dreams. You've basically dreamt up entire plots, at this point.

    7. While other people get actual songs stuck in their heads for days on end, you can usually be found humming a theme song.

    8. And the characters from your favourite shows feel more like your friends at this point.

    9. So there's no weirder feeling than seeing actors from one show appear in another. But you also totally love it.

    i like How To Get Away With Murder as a show but i like it even better as a Gilmore Girls sequel about Paris's future

    10. While most people have their favourite shows or genres, you can't choose. That would be like asking you to choose between children.

    11. This means that your Netflix recommendations are the definition of a smorgasbord.

    12. Speaking of Netflix, you honestly can't remember a time when you lived without it.

    13. Your Netflix list is more organised than any other aspect of your life, because you have to make sure you don't miss out on any shows.

    14. And there's nothing more exciting than finding out one of your old favourites has made it on to Netflix.

    15. But you know there's no truer feeling of betrayal than when a show gets taken off Netflix when you're in the middle of watching it.

    PEEP SHOW HAS BEEN TAKEN OFF NETFLIX?!? How am I supposed to recover from surgery now?!

    16. Your friends have basically stopped recommending shows to you at this point, because they know you've already watched them all.

    17. But they also always come to you when they want something new to watch, because you know you'll always have the perfect recommendation.

    18. At this point, all the facts you know come from TV, which can be kind of a problem at times.

    19. And most of the clothes you wear reference TV too – even if it's just ~subtly~.

    20. Basically, everything in your life revolves around TV...

    21. And while other people prefer to go out and ~socialise~ on Friday nights, there's nothing you'd rather do than lie on the couch and binge-watch until your heart's content.