Courteney Cox's Birthday Post For Jennifer Aniston Just Made Me Do A Double Take

    Courteney posted the photo on Instagram to celebrate Jen's 51st birthday.

    It was Jennifer Aniston's 51st birthday yesterday, and as usual, she spent it in style, celebrating with a whole host of famous friends at LA's Sunset Tower hotel.

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    Of course, everyone and their mother jumped at the chance to wish Jen a happy birthday, including pals Reese Witherspoon, Mariah Carey, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Seriously, her Instagram comments were flooded with celebs wishing her the best on her birthday.

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    Of course, some of Jennifer's — ahem — friends decided to post their own photos celebrating her birthday.

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    Lisa Kudrow posted this throwback photo of Jen alongside a sweet message and an acknowledgment that she is bad at cropping pictures for Instagram.

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    And new-to-Instagram Matthew Perry also posted a throwback, with the simple caption: "Happy birthday, Jenny!!!"

    But I have to admit, when Courteney Cox's birthday tribute popped up on my feed, I literally did a double take and then spent at least a minute staring at the photo in confusion.

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    Because, as it turns out, Courteney's Jennifer Aniston cosplay is actually spookily accurate.

    Consider me shook.

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    I guess when you're ~friends~ for this long, you really do start looking alike. Happy birthday, Jen! 👑

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