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19 Times Noel Fielding's Humour Saved Us All In 2017

"Do you want a Fielding fondle?"

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1. When he came up with his own version of the Hollywood handshake.

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2. When he thanked his number one fan.

3. When he frolicked in a meadow with Sandi Toksvig.

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4. When he showed up at Kasabian's Reading Festival set in character as Vlad the Impaler.

5. When he wandered around the Bake Off tent looking like this:

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6. When he tried to play some light percussion in the Bake Off tent, and ended up breaking one of the decorative teacups.

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7. When Noel and Richard Ayoade were asked about the Doctor's greatest enemy, and this was their answer:

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8. When he offered to help Sophie with her piping, and revealed one of his many alter-egos.

9. When he tried to make fun of Greg Davies' face, but Greg gave it right back to him.

10. When the Bake Off contestants were stressing out about the heat from the sun, and Noel had the most Noel solution ever.

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11. When he introduced one week's signature challenge like this:

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12. And then he made this pun:

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13. When he spied on Kate like this:

14. When he told this story from his childhood.

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15. When Stacey planned to cover her signature biscuits in glitter, and Noel thought it was a great idea.

16. When he came up with the greatest name for this chicken.

Noel: Come on, Malcolm, please, for me.Sandi: Malcolm? The chicken is called Malcolm?Noel: Yeah, Malcolm Eggs.
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Noel: Come on, Malcolm, please, for me.

Sandi: Malcolm? The chicken is called Malcolm?

Noel: Yeah, Malcolm Eggs.

17. When he gave Richard Ayoade this reassuring message, but from a distance.

18. Of course, when he ate a marigold.

19. And finally, when this happened:

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