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    There's A New Trailer For The "Incredibles" Sequel And Pixar Has Really Outdone Itself

    This is the cinematic event of the century.

    You may remember back in February Disney released the trailer for what is undoubtedly going to be the cinematic event of the century, Incredibles 2.

    Well, hold onto your supersuits, because they just released another brand new trailer, and it's EVEN BETTER than the last one.

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    We know by now that the Parr family is in crisis, because Elastigirl has been recruited by a guy who wants to ~bring supers back~ and she's off saving the world.

    Sidenote: Don't mess with Helen Parr. Especially when you're married to her.

    Bob is left at home taking care of the kids and, TBH, he looks more than a little bit out of his depth.

    Meanwhile, Violet is going through... some stuff.

    And Jack-Jack seems to be demonstrating even more superpowers than we originally thought.

    (Namely disappearing and reappearing whenever he feels like it/is offered a cookie.)

    But most importantly, FROZONE AND HIS ICONIC WIFE ARE BACK.

    June really can't come quickly enough.