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21 Times Taylor Swift Totally Understood That Cat Lady Life Is The Best Life

Cats > significant others, always.

1. Meet Taylor Swift: musician, goddess, and official spokesperson for cat ladies everywhere*.

2. Here are her cats, Doctor Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson. They have full names and titles, because they are very important.

3. In fact, cats in general are the most important thing in the world. And Taylor totally understands this.

4. She totally gets that even though cats might ~seem~ like they don't love you, they definitely do.

5. She understands that the only person in your life worth buying personalised gifts for is your cat.

6. And buying a gigantic cardboard cut-out of your cat is not only totally normal, but also totally necessary.

7. Taylor knows that you can't be friends with people who can't be friends with your cats.

8. And your friends have to understand that the best gifts to buy a cat lady are cat-related gifts.

9. Because everyone in the world needs to know how dedicated you are to living the cat lady life.

10. She just ~gets~ that cats are the most important people in the world, and therefore they deserve to sit on a goddamn throne.

11. And having them sit at the dinner table with you definitely isn't verging on the "crazy" side of cat lady.

12. While other people listen to love songs and think about their significant other, Taylor knows that the most loving relationship anyone can be in is with their cat.

13. Cats > significant others forever.

14. Taylor realises that cats don't hog the bedcovers...

15. And they might get cat hairs all over them, but that's totally fine, because they're really cute while doing it.

16. Cats can't complain when you do something they don't like.

17. Taylor knows that there's nothing better than kicking back and watching TV with your feline friend, because you can pick what to watch every time and they won't say anything about it.

18. All they can do is meow at you. And that's just adorable.

19. In fact, everything cats do is adorable. Even just sitting there.

20. And that's why you should always value your cat above anything else in the world.

21. Because there's no doubt about it: The cat lady life is the best life.