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    Emma Stone Doesn't Have Her Oscar, But She Does Display Her Kids' Choice Award

    It's an orange blimp that's also a kaleidoscope!

    Back in February, Emma Stone won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in La La Land. Yay, Emma!

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    So when Emma appeared on Late Night on Thursday to promote her latest movie, Battle of the Sexes, Seth Meyers obviously inquired about the Oscar.

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    According to Emma, her mom took the Oscar, because Emma thought it was weird to keep it in her house.

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    But she revealed she DOES have her Kids' Choice Award on display in her apartment.

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    Which makes sense, tbh, because look how excited she was when she won it:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    (She won in 2015 for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.)

    She's not joking, guys. She really loves this award.

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    And, in case you're wondering, the second trophy she has displayed is equally as important.

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    In case you're wondering, her winning word was "microfinance".

    Keep winning those awards, Emma!

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