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    BTS Are Giving Fans An Unprecedented Look At The Making Of Their New Album. Here's Everything We Know So Far.

    The group have been sharing the creation of their new album with fans in a series of livestreams.

    It's only been three months since BTS released their last album — the chart-smashing Map of the Soul: 7 — but they're already working on the next one.

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    Since their Map of the Soul tour (which was supposed to begin in April and run until September) was officially postponed, the members have been doing everything they can to connect with fans across the world from Seoul.

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    Members of the BTS ARMY have been kept busy with the premiere of the band's new docuseries, Break the Silence, and regular livestreams with the members doing everything from crafting friendship bracelets to making dalgona coffee to playing some very enthusiastic rounds of Just Dance.

    We were also treated to Bang Bang Con, a whole weekend of old BTS concerts streamed on YouTube for free — and this week, they announced their plans for Bang Bang Con: The Live. The band will celebrate their seventh anniversary in June with a brand-new concert streamed directly into fans' homes.

    And, in a series of livestreams on V Live and the Bangtan TV YouTube channel, BTS have been giving fans an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into the making of their new album.

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    The group's plans to release another album were first revealed a month ago in a YouTube livestream by their leader, RM.

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    "I’m sure many of you have guessed by now, but we’re going to be releasing another album," he said, according to a translation by Soompi. "We’ve begun preparing for it. We’re going to be sharing that preparation process with you."

    He went on: "I’m sure there will be moments that we don’t want to show because the album-making process isn’t always beautiful, but even though we don’t know what the end result will be, we’ll do our best."

    Since then, the BTS members have revealed a bunch of details about the new album and their creative process. Here's everything we know so far:

    1. The seven members have divided creative roles between themselves, and each member is taking charge of one aspect of the album.

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    During a livestream where ARMY watched him painting a canvas, Suga revealed they had decided "who would oversee the visuals, who would oversee the music".

    We've since learned that while Jimin is the project manager — collecting the members' ideas and communicating them back to the label — V will be in charge of visuals, including the album's conceptual photoshoots and styling.

    2. The album's concept will be less high-production than what we're used to from BTS, and it will have a more at-home vibe to match the current state of the world.

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    During a planning meeting streamed on YouTube, V said he wanted the visuals to take inspiration from the candid photos the members take of each other when they go on vacation.

    "All around the world, the space that we call ‘our house’ and ‘our room’ has become very important," RM suggested, according to a translation from Soompi. "I think that it would be nice if each member decorated their room with their own props and chose their own clothes."

    3. The album will be shorter than MOTS:7 and closer to the length of an EP. V suggested they include seven songs to celebrate their seven years together.

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    According to fan translator @doyou_bangtan, RM and Suga agreed on five or six songs, but V asked if they could make it seven.

    4. They also discussed ideas for subunits — smaller groups of two or three members making a track together.

    🐱 is it finally time for Minimini to launch 🐥 I’m ready hyungnim 🐰 didn’t you do minimini last time? 🐱 it’s a limited thing 🐱 I really want to see him (Jimin) seriously do a rap song @BTS_twt #BTS #방탄소년단

    While nothing was decided in the meeting, J-Hope said they should definitely include some subunits.

    RM suggested they divide the units into one rap song and two vocal songs, while Suga said he wanted to make a track with Jimin to see him rap. They also discussed going back to their ~roots~ and including a skit.

    5. Rather than focus on dark times, BTS want their new music to be comforting and bright in a similar way to their song "Spring Day".

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    The members suggested that the theme of the songs could be "carry on".

    "I’d like for the album to not be very dark," Suga said. "Rather than explicit comfort, I’d like it if we could offer a more metaphorical message like ‘Spring Day’ to give hope to everyone."

    According to a fan translation by @modooborahae, Jin added that "Spring Day" has "mass appeal". V called it "a masterpiece".

    6. But they also want to include a song to help fans release their frustration about the current situation in the world.

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    The members talked about making a happy song similar to "So What", and RM said it should be a song that fans can blast in their homes and dance around to. However, Jungkook said he wants a song that will help fans relieve stress.

    7. And, finally, we ~might~ be preparing for an October release.

    Jin : By the way, the album release will be October, right? @BTS_twt 🤭

    I don't know about you, but I can't wait! 👀💜