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    The 11 Things Most Important Bits From BTS's "Map Of The Soul: 7" Press Conference

    "Now is our happiest moment."

    BTS, one of the biggest groups in the world right now, held a global press conference today to discuss their new album, Map of the Soul: 7.

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    If you weren't able to tune into the press conference, don't worry! We've got you covered. Here are the 11 most important moments from BTS's press conference that you need to read about ASAP.

    1. Eldest member Jin described the new album as a "confession" of the group's highs, lows, and personal growth throughout their seven-year career together.

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    "Map of the Soul: 7 is about being seven members in one team. It has been seven years and we're now looking back," Jin said. "We sang about the world and our image in our last album Map of the Soul: Persona, and this time we wanted to show something different. What we've [accomplished] and our emotions now, we've revealed our deep selves that we wanted to hide [on this record]. This is our confession."

    J-Hope added: "Map of the Soul: 7 contains stories about each of us individually, but I think it's more appropriate to say it's our story. These are the emotions we felt in the last seven years and how we felt about our fans, so I hope that fans will also feel and share these emotions."

    2. V discussed the album's new duet tracks, "Respect" and "Friends," while J-Hope dug deeper into the storyline behind the album compared to other records.

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    "We tried to tell the story of each member and the genre they wanted for the duets [on the record]," said V. "Before we had 'Jamais Vu' with Jungkook, Jin, and J-Hope, this time we have 'Friends' with me and Jimin, and 'Respect' with RM & Suga. We also had our group songs and we tried to prepare many different types of music and genres [for this album]."

    "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Wings, Love Yourself — these are all series. The narrative is important. Map of the Soul: 7 is a part of that series, so we have a track list that follows this story," J-Hope said.

    He continued: "For example, 'Black Swan' is about the fear we face as artists. We also have the pop song 'Louder Than Bombs' with our friend Troye Sivan to show our inner shadows. 'We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal' shows that we will keep going despite the difficulties."

    3. Suga spoke about their latest comeback single "ON" and its empowering lyrics.

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    "It's a song about the powerful energy of BTS," Suga said.

    "We debuted seven years ago; sometimes we were uncertain, and every time that happened that shadow and fear inside of us grew," he said. According to Suga, the song has grown to signify how BTS has grounded themselves and learned to cope with "the difficulties and the wounds" they've received throughout their career and how to "face and fight them."

    4. RM dug deep into their decision to create their global project CONNECT, BTS and the similarities between art and music to tell compelling stories.

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    Ten months after releasing their last album, RM explained the group was looking for creative ways to give back to their fans so that they could celebrate the release of Map of the Soul: 7 together no matter where they were located in the world.

    "We are seven members in one place together, but, for example, we can't have concerts all at the same time in London, New York, and Buenos Aires. We chose public art so that when we came back [with our new album], we could share this festival together physically."

    He continued: "I like and am studying modern art; the language is different, but art and music tell similar stories about our times, about our values, so I think this is a different language for sharing these messages."

    Jimin also chimed in, saying: "Art and music are different, but they inspire each other."

    5. RM also reflected on BTS's music and universal appeal, so now you can show everyone this clip whenever they ask, "How can you listen to BTS when they sing in ~aNoThEr LaNgUaGe~?"

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    I could go on for days about this kind of question, but I'll let RM and his A+ quote silence the haters instead. Take it away, Namjoon!

    "We're always honored when we get this question," RM said. "When we went to New York in our press interviews, they always asked us why our songs are loved so much, or what is it about them that attracts so many diverse people? Sometimes we joke and just say our music is very good and very charming, but I think this is a chance to be serious about the answer.

    "To be honest, I think there are many complex factors at work here; when we went to the BBMAs for the first time in May 2017, I remember saying it is a complex integrated culture — there's our music videos, there's the dance, there's our communication — I remember mentioning that it was a gift box. I think what is at the core is what makes it very powerful, and I think it's the same with music and art. The spirit of the times is what is loved the most.

    "Our songs and our albums are individual stories; they're very personal, but I think we live in an age where the story can resonate with people around the world. These are not just the concerns and feelings that we have ourselves and just in Korea, but I think this is something that our generation and everyone around the world can really relate to and resonate with them. We try to express this through our music and through our dance. I think this is what people find to be refreshing and charming."

    6. Jungkook reflected on their incredible start to 2020, which included performing at the Grammys, and joined in with V to share their goals for the rest of the year.

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    "This year, we started 2020 by going to the Grammy Awards. We met great artists all thanks to ARMY," he said. Jungkook's goal for this year? To kick off the group's 2020 Map of the Soul Tour as soon as possible! "We have our tour starting in April, and we want to show these songs [from the new album] live as soon as we can. I know ARMY is looking forward to hearing them as well."

    V added: "We'll try our best to stay healthy, not get hurt, and just be happy — these are our goals for this year."

    7. Suga explained that the group does feel pressure to succeed, but that ultimately their fans' happiness takes precedence.

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    ICYMI, BTS is on track with the release of Map of the Soul: 7 to beat a record previously held by The Beatles for the most consecutive number one albums in the span of two years. It's a massive accomplishment, but one that has definitely made BTS feel "pressure" to succeed.

    "It'd be a lie to say that there's no pressure at all, but I think at this point our purpose is more important than goals," Suga said. "Rather than records, achievements are more important. If we continue to do what we do, it will naturally progress into good results."

    He continued: "I think results and records are important, but if people can draw happiness from our music, I think that would be the greatest result that we can achieve. We worked really hard on this album so that we could give back some of the love that we've received from our fans, so I hope you love it."

    8. J-Hope and V shared the happiest and most challenging moments throughout their career so far, including overcoming feeling "void" of emotion after concerts.

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    For J-Hope, living and working with the rest of his members is both amazing and challenging at the same time and has compelled them to talk with each other more openly.

    "Being together I think really is the best thing, but also it's one of the challenging things," he said. "We've grown to communicate with each other and really work with each other. Right now, the best moments are when we work together as seven. We can now communicate, we talk, we perform together as seven; I think that's the best moment for me."

    When discussing challenges, V shared his experience of feeling "void" of emotion when returning to normal life after performing at one of the group's larger-than-life concerts around the globe.

    "On tour, we go from the concert venue to the airport or to the hotel; that's what we do. So we're at the concert and I feel like I'm in the limelight and then as soon as I get in the car to go back, I used to feel this void," he explained. He shared that he eventually overcame those feelings and now is comfortable talking about his past difficulties openly. You go, V!

    9. Jin spoke about his future military enlistment plans in the South Korean army.

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    "I think many people are wondering about this particular question," Jin began. "As you know, nothing has been decided yet. This is sort of a sensitive topic, but I believe that military duty is a duty and until I am called I will try to do the best I can. When I am called, I will answer, of course."

    10. Jimin's reaction to the press conference MC, Kim Il Joong, asking whether he preferred the group's title track "ON" or his own solo song "Filter" was priceless.

    Jimin super cute reaction when the MC asked him which song he likes better : ON or Filter #지민 BTS 방탄소년단 Global Press Conference 'MAP OF THE SOUL : 7' 💜 #7Conference #WeLoveYouBTS @BTS_twt

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    Jimin chose "ON" as his favorite because, "I always really like being together with everybody else, so I want to perform with all of the guys. I love 'ON!'"

    11. Finally, BTS opened up on their past, the future, and their dreams for their legacy.

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    "When I worked on 'Black Swan' or other songs like 'We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal,' I wrote these songs and I cried a lot because I thought about the old days, and I think it's a constant battle to show your weakness or acknowledge your weakness," J-Hope explained. "I still have a fear of expressing my fears. If I look back in the past seven years, there were times when we were naïve, there were mistakes that were made, but overall I think we really did a good job. I look at these other six members and I think we were very fortunate. We really did what we could. We really did a good job."

    "I've seen these guys for the past seven years and sometimes I'm a little bit tired of them; I look at them and say, 'oh, it's you again,'" RM joked. "But honestly, all I want to do — for the next seven years and onwards — is be healthy, do what we can do, and stay happy."

    "I think that [our legacy] will be our music and our albums," Jimin said. "I hope that our music and our albums are the stories we want to tell written into the lyrics of our albums like Map of the Soul: 7 and Love Yourself. We worked very hard to make these albums; they are very precious to us. Thankfully, fans around the world understand our music and relate to it. Even though the language is different, we're thankful that you hear our message. We have artists from decades ago — their music still inspires and heals people today. I hope our album will do the same with many people and that will be our precious legacy."