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Billie Eilish Opened Up About Being Sexualised When A Photo Of Her Wearing A Tank Top Went Viral

"My boobs were trending on Twitter! At number one! What is that?!"

You probably know Billie Eilish from her super-successful debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and her number one single, "Bad Guy". You probably also know her for her immediately recognisable sense of style.

Billie has been open in the past about her preference for clothes that are — in her own words — "800 sizes bigger than she is".

However, she later clarified that she never wanted her own personal style to be used as a means to shame women who choose to dress differently than her.

In an interview with V magazine, Billie said she believes praise for her style often comes with an undertone of slut-shaming — and she's not here for it.

Positive [comments] about how I dress have this slut-shaming element. Like, "I am so glad that you are dressing like a boy so that other girls can dress like boys, so that they aren’t sluts". That’s basically what it sounds like to me. And I can't [overstate how] strongly I do not appreciate that, at all.

And she expanded on those comments in a new interview with Elle, opening up about her own experience being sexualised simply for wearing a tank top.

She also said that, if she ever did want to show her body or "look desirable" in a music video, she feels people would "lose all respect" for her.

You can read Billie's full Elle cover story here.