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In Billie Eilish's Calvin Klein Advert, She Says The Reason She Wears Baggy Clothes Is To Avoid Being Body-Shamed

"This feels really empowering & incredibly sad all at once."

Singer Billie Eilish is the star of a new Calvin Klein campaign in which she has a chance to "speak [her] truth". In it, she reveals why she chooses to wear baggy clothes.

In case you weren't aware, Billie has been the focus of countless memes about her signature style.

Speaking in the advert released earlier this week, Billie says: "I never want the world to know everything about me. I mean, that’s why I wear big baggy clothes: Nobody can have an opinion, because they haven’t seen what’s underneath, you know?"

People loved the ad and praised Calvin Klein for not sexualising the 17-year-old and, instead of focusing on selling a product, letting Billie address an important issue.

@idontneedaxanny I love how this is a Calvin’s commercial that focuses on how she feels & doesn’t actually show the product, usually those commercials are so sexual but this is a nice change

@ThatDeaf_HOH @idontneedaxanny Right?! Like Queen just did an underwear commercial, and wasnt wearing the product. Love it.

And now people understand why Billie dresses in baggy clothes. It has started a conversation about the scrutiny that women's bodies are subjected to.

damn so she dresses the way she does so she won’t be bodyshamed nor sexualized

you don’t have to like the way billie eilish dresses, but at least understand that billie feels she needs to dress in a way that ensures she can’t be sexualised or bodyshamed because people out there can’t keep their nasty, sleazy comments to themselves

she shouldn’t have to protect herself from other people, but she does. how could you hate someone who wants the best for themselves? just because she doesn’t do what you want her to? to be normal? just let her be 💜 https://t.co/5Oi4V4q686

Some people found Billie's campaign beautiful.

Wow this is beautiful... https://t.co/kCwO7y7x3i

i absolutely love this https://t.co/OpmzFnPVFR

This feels really empowering & incredibly sad all at once... https://t.co/0OMHNaOqEe

But a lot of people found it sad that the threat of internet trolls could affect the way someone chooses to dress.

how sad is this? this girl literally hides her body so the internet trolls won’t bodyshame her or make nasty comments I’m https://t.co/I654EZFJVA

I will ALWAYS stan Billie and this breaks my heart that she feels the need to dress like this just to avoid you miserable people who like to body shame for NO REASON https://t.co/xn0IqmEVzm

People said it was unfair that teenage girls are made to feel this way.

@iceteawitch @donewithfaking Yeah but I think instead of applauding this we should be asking why teenage girls are made to feel that way... like honestly it’s more sad than people are making it out to be in my opinion.

it's sad how a young girl has to dress a certain way in order to not be sexualised by old gross people https://t.co/Z4q9F6m7Nr

And some people pointed out that while many Muslim women choose to dress modestly for similar reasons, they aren't celebrated in the way Billie has been.

This is the exact belief behind Hijab in Islam but some of y’all call it oppressive no? https://t.co/QvVkedt72g

but when I do this I get called ‘terrorist’ by sharon from the pub https://t.co/YB1DyQnymi

And some Twitter users reminded people about the bottom line: When it comes to how others dress, it's best to drink your water and mind your business.

people can dress how they want anyway. it has nothing to do with y'all https://t.co/fcN32cPAH8

You can watch the advert in full here.

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