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The Rumours Are True And Mindy Kaling's Baby Is Going To Be Flawless


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Naturally, people screamed, because it's 2017 and we have to take all the joyful news we get and run with it, OK!!!

Happier about Mindy Kaling being pregnant than I would be about someone I actually know

UNTIL NOW. Because Mindy just spoke publicly about her pregnancy for the first time in a preview for an interview with Sunday TODAY, and I am crying tbh!!!!!!!!!!!


And she spoke about the inspiration she hopes to take from her relationship with her mom, who died of cancer in 2012.


"She just loved us and really wanted us to be happy, no matter what we did," Mindy said. "My career choice was not something she was familiar with, and she was just so supportive of that, and if I can give that to my child – just that open-mindedness – I'd be so happy."