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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A "Hamilton" Fan Who Hasn't Seen "Hamilton"

I'M NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT (to get Hamilton tickets).

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3. And even if you do live close enough to get there, and you do have the money for tickets, it's always goddamn sold out.


15. You've listened to it so much at this point that you know all of the lyrics by heart, and you can even rap along to "Guns and Ships".

Hamilton on Broadway


16. In fact, you're pretty sure you could make a career as a historian at this point, because even if you've never studied the American Revolution, there's nothing you know better.

18. Some people say that your obsession is a little bit – ah – intense.

Hamilton on Broadway

They're all like, "Hey, take a break."

Then you're like, "That's one of my favourites!"

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