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Amy Schumer's Reaction To Her Son Saying "Dad" For The First Time Made Him Cry And It's So Adorable

"This video was clearly a surprise to us."

Amy Schumer is continuing to share her son's biggest milestones with her followers, posting a video to Instagram of the moment he said "dad" for the first time.

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Amy and her husband, Chris Fischer, became parents to baby Gene in May last year, and she's been very open about her experiences with first-time parenthood ever since.

Well, on Sunday, Amy shared a video of a super-special event in a parent's life: the adorable moment her son said the word "dad" for the first time.

"This video was clearly a surprise to us," Amy wrote in the caption. "Getting to experience these first moments with my son makes me feel so lucky."

Amy Schumer /

Based on Amy's reaction, I think it's safe to say that yes, the moment was pretty unexpected.

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And it looks like Amy's reaction was unexpected for Gene too, who got a little overwhelmed by all the praise and excitement and promptly burst into tears.

Amy Schumer /

Don't worry, Gene. We've all been there.

Just last month, Amy shared a video of the sweet moment her son said "mom" for the first time.

Thankfully, Gene was a little prouder of himself that time.

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