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    21 Things Teens Do In Movies That British Kids Will Never Experience

    It's a whole other world across the pond.

    1. Anyone who grew up in Britain will know that watching American teen movies came with a lot of FOMO.

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    2. British teens will never know the struggle of trying to pick out the perfect outfit for school in the morning, because we have to wear uniforms.

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    3. And we definitely aren't allowed to ~customise~ those uniforms.

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    If we showed up to school with black nail polish and studded chokers, we'd be given an immediate detention.

    4. There's no way we could drive a car to school, because we can't take our driving test until we're 17...

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    5. And even if we did pass our test before we left school, there's no way that we'd actually have our own car.

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    There was probably one person with a car in your whole year, if any, and everyone would be really nice to them in case they offered to give you a lift to the shop at break.

    6. We can't imagine spending our Saturdays watching school sports games, because all of our teams were really crap, and none of the players ever looked like Chad Michael Murray.

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    Studies have shown Hilary Duff movies are the number one source of unrealistic expectations in teens.*

    *This is not actually true.

    7. And we'll also never understand the concept of sports scholarships. You get to go to university for less money because you play sports?

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    *'00s teen movie voice* "No, Dad, I'm throwing away YOURS."

    8. British teens will never experience cheerleading, which is a damn shame. We just can't even imagine having enough school spirit.

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    9. And don't even get us started on pep rallies. I'm not entirely sure what a pep rally is, but British teens are definitely lacking in "pep".

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    10. In American movies, they have dances for every single tiny occasion. Spring? DANCE. Winter? DANCE. Halloween? DANCE.

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    At this point, I don't think the person in charge of British education even knows of school dances as a concept.

    11. We have prom, but it's basically a facsimile of what we all know prom is meant to be: spiked punch, limousines, and an "Under the Sea" theme.

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    12. Not to mention British teens will never get the opportunity to be on the Prom Committee, because that's not a thing.

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    There's no way students would ever be trusted to organise our own event, so we have to settle for a hotel function room that's actually meant for conferences.

    13. We'll also never experience the riotous fun of a prom after-party, because all British teen house parties consist of a few people going to that one person's house whose parents are chill, drinking Frosty Jack's, and ordering pizza.

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    14. Honestly, the gigantic houses and lack of parental supervision in American movies is what most British teens were most jealous of.

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    15. American movies taught us that everyone fits perfectly into one of several very specific groups, but that just doesn't happen in Britain.

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    16. And we will just never understand why, in movies, everyone is constantly in awe of the "mean girl".

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    17. The lack of cliques means that no one feels it's necessary to take in the new girl and give her a makeover.

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    The lack of dramatic makeovers in the lives of British teens is a crying shame.

    18. Movies also taught us that our summers would be filled with pool parties, which no one in Britain ever has, because no one has pools.

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    And the weather is too crap.

    19. And if it wasn't pool parties, it was camp. Everyone in movies complained about camp, but it actually looked pretty cool, tbh.

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    Spending the summer with your friends in cabins in the woods seems a lot more fun than family caravanning holidays in a rainy town in Devon.

    20. British teens will never get to experience the glory of high school graduation, because we are just thrown out into the wilderness and expected to fend for ourselves.

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    21. But most of all, we'll never get the relief of receiving your college acceptance letter. Because instead, we have to go through the hell that is UCAS.

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    And that reason alone is proof that American teens have it better.

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