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    Taylor Swift Said In An Old Interview She Has Recurring Nightmares About Being Secretly Recorded

    Well, this is ironic.

    Unless you've been living in internet-free bliss for the last few days, you're probably aware of the riveting drama currently going down between Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian.

    In the most basic of terms:

    – Kanye West released a song, "Famous", which includes the lyrics "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous."

    – Taylor said she had no knowledge of the song before its release, and called Kanye out for being misogynistic.

    – Kim Kardashian released tapes of a phone call between Taylor and Kanye, where she gives him her blessing to release the song.

    Taylor then posted a statement on Instagram, claiming that she had no knowledge of the fact that she was being recorded.

    Well, get ready to enjoy some sweet, sweet irony. Because in a radio interview with Capital FM in February 2015, Taylor revealed that she has recurring nightmares about her conversations being secretly filmed or recorded.

    When asked if she ever suffers from anxiety dreams, Taylor responded with this:

    I have a lot of issues with buildings like this, 'cause I always feel like someone has bugged the room, and is either videoing me or recording me. So that's one of my paranoias.

    Oh, and she also has recurring nightmares about being framed for murder. Let's hope those aren't premonitions too.

    I always have nightmares that I'm being framed for murder, and that I'm being framed so well that I can't remember if I did it or not.

    Well. ~The plot thickens.~