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33 Perfect Mother's Day Cards For Every Kind Of Mom

♬ Mamaaa, ooooohh... ♬

1. For the moms who love a good pun:

2. For the Queen fan in your life:

3. For when you want to get heartfelt:

4. For the mom who never lets you forget it:

5. For the mom who's always there to listen:

6. For when you don't have to be told, you just know:

7. For the cheese lover:

8. For the lover of literature:

9. For the mom who had to deal with a lot:

10. For the Gilmore girl:

11. For the Arrested Development fan:

12. For the cool mom:

13. For the tattooed lady:

14. For the sci-fi fanatic:

15. For the mom who's better than Beyonce:

16. For the mom who's totally ~down with the kids~:

17. For the mom who seems to do everything:

18. For the person with two moms:

19. For the Spice Girls fan:

20. For the Breaking Bad lover:

21. For the fashion forward:

22. For the perfect stepmom:

23. For the mom who's watched SNL since like... forever:

24. For the mom who understands what's important:

25. For the dog lover:

26. For the mother-to-be:

27. For the typical texting parent:

28. For the flower child:

29. For the Hitchcock fan:

30. For the cat lady:

31. For the first time mom:

32. For when you can't say it out loud:

33. And for when you just need to say you love her: