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21 Times Tumblr Really Loved "Uptown Funk"

Don't believe me? Just watch.

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But are you aware of the fact that "Uptown Funk" has almost completely taken over Tumblr dot com?

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(You should probably listen to the song while you read this post.)

Here are some of the best Tumblr posts inspired by "Uptown Funk":

1. How it all begins:

2. This person truly understands the severity of this obsession:

3. The eternal struggle:

4. If this isn't you, you're lying:

5. This polar bear is all of us:

6. "Uptown Funk" helps you to distinguish your real friends from imposters:

7. Finally, world peace has been achieved:

8. Every car journey is a constant struggle:

9. This person gets it:

10. "Uptown Funk" meets ~The Dress~:

11. "Uptown Funk" meets classic art:

12. "Uptown Funk" meets Shakespeare:

13. "Uptown Funk" meets dad jokes:

14. "Uptown Funk" meets The Walking Dead:

15. "Uptown Funk" meets Iron Man:

16. "Uptown Funk" meets Breaking Bad:

17. "Uptown Funk" meets Game of Thrones:

18. ...And again:

19. So much Game of Thrones:


21. And finally, Tumblr users predict the future:

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