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14 Times Reese Witherspoon Was The Coolest Mom Ever


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1. When she and her daughter, Ava, were totally adorable.

You won the gene pool, ladies.

2. When she got a ton of awesome mom points for getting her daughter a full box of birthday cupcakes.

3. When she made this breakfast for her son:


4. And when she made this breakfast:

Cinnamon rolls for eyes. CINNAMON. ROLLS. FOR EYES.

5. When she was an amazing role model and supported all of the women in her industry.

She even started her own production company because she says women "deserve better" in Hollywood!

You go, Reese.

You just know she's raising her kids right.

6. Every time she does amazing charity work.

A true role model.

7. When she was included in the Time 100.

Because whose mom ISN'T one of the most influential people in the world, amirite?

8. When she threw her son this awesome Halloween-slash-birthday party.

9. When she shared an ~exclusive photo~ revealing that before she got glamorous for the Golden Globes this year, she was teaching her toddler how to potty train.


10. When her and her son were the epitome of family day outfit goals.

11. And when she proved she's always looking out for her family's style.


12. When she proved that she knows how to plan a fun summer day.

13. Every time she posts a #TBT.

Surely she's got that outfit stashed away for Ava to borrow in the future.

14. And every time she makes it clear that she is all about her family.

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