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19 Pictures That Prove Yellow Is Wholly Underrated

Sunshine and lemonade and daffodils!

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1. Yellow is the color of so many lovely things.

2. It's a color you can just fall right into.

3. The middle of daisies are yellow.

4. Lemonade is yellow.

5. Fancy houses in far away places are yellow.

6. It makes things feel brighter.

7. Bouncier! Happier!

8. Just look how great it can make your Instagram pics.

9. Even Halsey can appreciate a good yellow aesthetic.

10. So many good and wonderful things are YELLOW!


12. Beautiful butterflies...

13. Sun-soaked beach chairs...

14. And fields upon fields of wildflowers!

15. It brightens rainy days.

16. It leads us ever-so-gently into autumn.

Laurel Kate Sittig / Via Flickr: laurelkate

17. It brings a splash of the sun to the creatures of the sea.

Flickr: criptonomicon / Via Creative Commons

18. Truly, yellow is so underappreciated.

19. So next time life gives you lemons, you can look at them and say "My, what a beautiful color!"

Monkey Business Images Ltd / Getty Images

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