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    A Definitive Ranking Of The Loki Variants From "Useless" To "Iconic"

    One Loki to rule them all!! *Spoilers ahead!!!*

    7. President Loki

    President Loki stands center, dressed in a green tux wth a horn crown

    6. Alligator Loki

    An alligator wears a double horned golden crown

    5. Boastful Loki

    A man in a green patterned top and a furry collar with black sleeves, carrying a golden hammer

    4. Kid Loki

    A kid holds an alligator, wearing green with a winged headband

    3. Older Loki

    An older man wears a double horned crown and a yellow cape and yellow suit.

    2. Sylvie

    A blond woman wears a one horned crown, one horn broken off.

    1. And finally, our original Loki

    A close up of Loki looking worriedly at someone off screen

    Do you agree with my rankings? Comment your opinions below!!

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