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8 Greatest Olympic Blunders

In light of the recent snafu in the men's 10,000 meters speed skating event, here's a list of eight of the greatest gaffes in Olympic history.

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  • 8. Nagano 1998:

    Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati lost his gold after testing positive for marijuana, but later got it back, since marijuana is not a performance-enhancing drug.

  • 7. St. Moritz 1948:

    The United States sent two different teams to the ice hockey competition.

  • 6. London 2012:

    The Olympic logo drew immediate criticism, and numerous spoofs.

  • 5. Vancouver 2010:

    Sven Kramer lost the 10,000 meter speed skating race after his coach told him to change lanes at the wrong time.

  • 4. Berlin 1936:

    Boxer Thomas Hamilton-Brown consoled himself after his first-round loss by going on an eating binge. When it became clear that he had actually won, he was too heavy to compete in his weight class.

  • 3. Rome 1960:

    Wym Essajas, the first ever athlete from Suriname to participate in the Olympics, was given the wrong starting time, and slept through the 800 meter race.

  • 2. Stockholm 1912:

    Portuguese runner Francisco Lázaro covered his body with wax before the marathon, to prevent sunburn. The wax restricted his perspiration, and the runner died as a result.

  • 1. Munich 1972 :

    Eddie Hart, the favourite for the 100 meters race, never showed up for the event because his coach, Stan Wright, used the wrong schedule.