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13 Olympic Coaches Who Are Playing One Helluva Game Of Rock-Paper-Scissors

This isn't just a competition between the athletes. It's a serious showdown for the coaches, too.

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Looks like Croatia is conflicted about what they want to throw. The team is urging rock, but it looks like the coach is going to go with paper! ✊✋


Croatia has NO IDEA how to react! Half are throwing rock, and half are throwing paper! DISQUALIFICATION! This point goes to Brazil! ✋🇧🇷

Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

And with that, the heavily-favored Croatia is out of the competition! Better luck in four years, gentlemen.

Congratulations to Poland for taking home the gold at this year's unofficial Rock-Paper-Scissors Olympics! 🇵🇱✊✋✌️🇵🇱

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