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    I'm Obsessed With Emma Chamberlain And These Tweets Will Leave You Obsessed With Her Too

    I just really love Emma Chamberlain.

    Hello world! Anyone who knows me know that I eat/sleep/breathe YouTube content like it's my job, and my #1 favorite 'Tuber is Emma Chamberlain.

    For those in the audience who've never HEARD the name Emma Chamberlain, allow me to reintroduce herself. Emma Chamberlain is a 17-year-old YouTuber with nearly 7 million subscribers, me included.


    But the pièce de résistance? Her twitter account. It is, without exaggeration, my #1 source of entertainment on the app. Allow me to take you on a ~journey~ of some of her best tweets:

    1. This relatable tweet about Postmates:

    can i postmate someone to my house and have them brush my hair

    2. This tweet about life being unfair:

    i cant believe the universe pointed to me and said “ok now lets give HER back acne”

    3. This tweet about how vulnerable you are on your period:

    nobody: me on my period: do u still like me lol

    4. This tweet about silly bands, #tbt:

    the main reason why nobody cares about silly bands anymore is because u couldnt see what their shape was when they were ON your wrist. might as well be a fuckin random rubber band

    5. This tweet about hanging out with your friends:

    friend: pls dont come over rn me (at their house):

    6. This very apropos tweet about low rise jeans:

    17 years later and i still cant think of anything worse than low rise jeans

    7. This tweet about the future:

    what happens when its bring ur child to work day and ur parent is a youtuber

    8. This tweet about the good ol' days:

    i miss being a fucking sperm egg embryo lump i didnt have to do shit

    9. This tweet about the aux chord:

    people really be on aux forgetting that paparazzi by lady gaga exists

    10. This very true tweet about sleepovers:

    i always slept on the ground at sleepovers because i was too scared to ask for a bed

    11. This tweet about things we need to get over:

    things to stop talking about 1. airpods 2. sicko mode 3. memes 4. airpod memes 5. people listening to sicko mode on their airpods memes 5. me unless its nice

    12. This factual tweet about music festivals:

    who told guys they had to wear tie dye to music festivals

    13. This tweet about knowing your worth:

    if u dont love me when i look like the michelin man u dont deserve me when i fake tan

    14. This oddly relatable tweet about Capital Cities:

    if safe and sound by capital cities wasnt ur favorite song at one point in ur life ur corrupt lol sorry someone had to say it

    15. This tweet about pretty people:

    i hate when hot ppl send “ugly snaps” like bitch u know u still look fuckin good let the rest of us be ugly in peace

    16. This tweet about bananas:

    bananas r good but like those weird ass banana strings.............. idk dude kinda sus if u ask me🤣🤣

    17. This tweet, which I also felt:

    when drake said “yuhh” yo i felt that shit

    18. And, finally, this tweet:

    ur postmates shows up in a diaper wyd