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18 Tweets About Celebs Who Did Things "More Impressive" Than Joaquin Dislocating His Knee In "Joker"

The cast of Glee got actual slushees thrown in their faces...where's their award?

In case you missed it, Joaquin Phoenix took home the Golden Globe this week for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama.

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Moments after he won, this tweet about his work — and the lengths he went to for this role — went viral:


So, naturally, because it's the internet, people made jokes about the things actors have done for their roles that didn't get them any awards. Here are the funniest responses:

1. Jonathan Groff in Mindhunter:

so? jonathan groff had to pretend to like pussy in mindhunter

2. Timothée Chalamet in Call Me By Your Name:

and? timothée chalamet fucked a peach where’s his golden globe

3. Adam Driver in Marriage Story:

and? adam driver had to pretend to be married to scarjo next

4. Christine Baranski in Mamma Mia!:

Christine Baranski did the perfect high kicks in Mamma Mia! and didn't discolate anything

5. Amy Adams in Arrival:

and? amy adams pretended to be in love with jeremy renner

6. Alex Wolff in Hereditary:

alex wolff slammed his face into a desk and what’d he get

7. Sophia Lillis in It:

sophia lillis had to work with an all male cast

8. Victoria Beckham in Spice World:

Victoria Beckham literally FLEW A BUS in “Spice World”... where is her Golden Globe???

9. Natalie Portman in Black Swan:

Natalie Portman literally turned into a swan for Black Swan but okay

10. The cast of Glee:

the cast of glee had real slushies thrown in their face for like half the first season

11. Anna in Frozen 2:

anna climbed the north mountain, survived a frozen heart and saved elsa from her ex boyfriend and she did it all without powers where’s her golden globe award

12. Judi Dench in Cats:

Judi Dench lifted her leg above her head at 85 years old

13. Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones:

and? emilia clarke had to become fireproof yall don't see her complaining

14. Michelle Trachtenberg in Ice Princess:

and? Michelle Trachtenberg trained for 10 months to prepare for Ice Princess and received NOTHING

15. Toni Collette in Hereditary:

Toni Collette got beheaded for Hereditary where’s her golden globe?????

16. Florence Pugh in Little Women:

Florence Pugh did not wear CLIP ON BANGS for you to call THIS acting

17. Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

and? harry potter broke his arm and then he lost all the bones, where’s his golden globe?

18. Harry Styles in iCarly:

and? harry styles literally had to pretend he had jungle worms on iCarly

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