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    Victoria Justice And Matthew Daddario Have Now Starred In Two Projects Together And Have A Lot To Say

    Matthew Daddario: "You mean to tell me there was a day that y'all did pickle-back shots and I wasn't there???"

    Then & Now logo with Matthew Daddario and Victoria Justice

    Earlier this month, Victoria Justice and Matthew Daddario hopped on a Zoom call with BuzzFeed to discuss their current project together, Trust, as well as their past project together, Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List. For me as a longtime fangirl of both of these humans, it truly was an iconic moment™ watching them reminisce and share their favorite memz from their joint projects. Here's everything we learned:

    THEN — what was your favorite scene to film together on the set of Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List?

    Naomi drunkenly complaining to Gabriel in their lobby

    Matthew Daddario: OK, so there are the scenes that you like filming and the scenes that just turn out well — like, there was a scene we filmed in Central Park that [looked great], but it was freezing that day. [Writer's note: Victoria Justice made a joke about that scene being a "walk in the park," and it was too punny not to share.] You know what scene I liked? The scene we filmed in the lobby when I'm sitting on the couch and Naomi (played by Victoria) comes in drunk, and it was so funny. There's this humor that bounces back and forth, but it's also a pivotal moment in the movie.

    Victoria Justice: You're totally jogging my memory — I loved filming that scene too, especially because we got to improvise a little bit, which was fun and ~loosey-goosey~. Also, the scene when we're in the janitor's closet and you're singing your song: “Naomi is so fine / Just like summer wine, Naooomiii.” That was so cute.

    NOW — what was your favorite scene to film together on the set of Trust?

    MD: My favorite scene was the one when we're all at the gallery opening and Amy (played by Katherine McNamara) shows up and we're all standing in a circle and Vic's character is like, "Do you know her?" and my character is all like, "No, no, I don't." [Writer's note: Be sure to watch Trust to find out if his character DID actually know her or not.] That was a good, farcical scene.

    VJ: I'm going to have to agree; that was my favorite scene too. OH! I also liked filming the scene in the Indian restaurant — it's so small and cramped, but so beautiful with all the lights; it looked so good on camera. [Writer's note: For New York City folks, the restaurant they filmed at was Panna II in the East Village.]

    THEN — what was your favorite on-set OR behind-the-scenes memory from Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List?

    MD: I got to play basketball for a scene, and where we were filming was a block away from my apartment [at the time]. I remember putting on my shoes and saying, "I'm going to work," and I went to work and played basketball. It was like a fake day 'cause I would normally do that on a non–work day.

    VJ: There was also a day we were filming in Dumbo [laughs with innuendo], and we went and got sushi for lunch. There was also a day during rehearsals when we all did pickle-back shots, but I don't think you were there, Matt.

    MD: You mean to tell me there was a day that y'all did pickle-back shots and I wasn't there???

    NOW — what was your favorite on-set OR behind-the-scenes memory from Trust?

    Brooke and Owen standing in Brooke's gallery

    MD: When I first walked into the art gallery — I took the train downtown; I didn't take a car 'cause that's ridiculous — and there are just giant nudes. Everywhere. My first thought was, How do you arrange all this? Who do you call? "Hey, we're making a movie and we need a bunch of nude portraits, and we need some of them to look like certain people."

    VJ: Well, I'm method, so I posed for my painting, of course [laughs]. [Writer's note: Victoria was being glib. She did not pose for a nude portrait.] Though I did have to take a bunch of photos in a tube top so that they could get my clavicle juuuuust right.

    BuzzFeed: Matt, going into filming that opening scene in the gallery, did you know that all the paintings were going to be of nude women?

    MD: Not at all — I didn't think about it! I just walked in and it was like, "BAM!" And I was like, "Oh, alright." That was an amusing thing to just wander into.

    VJ: One of my favorite memories — which doesn't involve Matt, even though we shared a LOT of good times — was my sister making a cameo in the film! It was really fun to have her on set. She was so nervous, but I talked her through it, and I just loved having her around.

    THEN — what was your favorite New York City location to film at on Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List?

    MD: I have an affinity for Central Park — it's my neighborhood! So all of those scenes.

    VJ: Pierson [Fodé] (who played Ely) and I got to film at Yaffa Cafe, an East Village staple, before it closed. ALSO, all the scenes we got to film at Magnolia Bakery. So many iconic establishments.

    NOW — what was your favorite New York City location to film at on Trust?
    Brooke and Owen having dinner at Panna II in the East Village

    MD: There's a pivotal scene in the film where something is revealed — no spoilers — but we're in the middle of the street in Midtown, and it was really cool to do. It's stressful because you're performing and people are watching it and filming it, but it added to the tension of the scene.

    VJ: That was probably my favorite, too! We filmed during Christmastime, so it was great to get on camera. But I remember while we were filming, a little crowd gathered, and when we finished the scene, they would clap! But that's filming guerrilla style in New York. Also, of course, filming at Panna II.

    THEN — who was your favorite character from Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List?

    MD: My favorite character, in terms of who I liked the most, was Gabriel. [Writer's note: In case you didn't know, Gabriel is the character Matthew plays in the film.] He's no trouble — he goes to work, he doesn't cause problems — but there's this lady in the building who's got a lot going on... [Writer's note: He's referring to Victoria's character.]

    VJ: [Laughs] I think mine would be Bruce 1 (played by Griffin Newman). I remember he had this line about all the things he did to try to sleep, and he's like, "I've tried meditating, masturbating, counting sheep." There was also a scene where we made out in the elevator while eating a Snickers bar — it was a lot, but also a lot of fun.

    Naomi and Gabriel sharing headphones on the train

    NOW — who was your favorite character from Trust?

    MD: I loved Adam and Kim (played by Ronny Chieng and Lindsey Broad). They drive some of the actions; they're humorous — I know those people, you know? We all have those friends, and I liked that.

    VJ: I loved Ansgar (played by Lucien Leon Laviscount). His cool accent and his whole vibe — it was really great to play off of.

    THEN — what was your first reaction when you found out you'd been cast alongside each other in Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List?

    MD: I'm gonna be honest, Vic, I don't 100% recall [laughs]. I just remember you were very nice and down to earth, and I remember feeling relieved.

    VJ: I remember thinking Matt was perfect for the role. I really dug his vibe, and he was this [puts on New York accent] super-cool, down-to-earth, New York dude, through and through.

    Brooke walking away from Owen after a heated argument

    NOW — what was your first reaction when you found out you'd been cast alongside each other in Trust?

    MD: Now, with Trust, I remember my agents calling me and telling me that Vic was actually the one who recommended me for this film — big thanks to Vic — and I called her and asked, "Are we doing this?" And we did. I was genuinely thrilled about it.

    VJ: Yeah, when I decided to do this, our director asked if I had any names or ideas of who to cast, and I was thinking, You know what? This fellow, Matthew Daddario, who I worked with years ago, would be perfect for this role. It's always great when you can work with people you know you enjoy working with.

    Thanks for chatting with us, Victoria and Matthew! Be sure to catch this iconic duo in Trust, available in theaters and on demand. And if you want more of them and are feeling nostalgic, then feel free to follow up that film with Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List.