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    Last Night, "The Bachelor" Producers Proved They Don't Get Paid Enough After The Victoria F./Chase Rice Drama

    Truly a series of unfortunate events.

    Last night was the best night of the week because The Bachelor aired the fourth episode of Pilot Pete's season.

    The drama just keeps on coming this season. This time, in the form of past lovers, open secrets, and things getting blown WAAAY out of proportion.

    To sum up two hours into 20 seconds, Victoria F. and Peter had a one-on-one date where the musical talent was none other than Chase Rice, an ex-boyfriend of Victoria F.'s. At their dinner date, Vic told Pilot Pete about her past relationship, and that SEEMED to be the end of it...

    ...but it's The Bachelor, so it wasn't. After the previously eliminated Alayah returned to the house, she brought up how wild it was that Victoria F.'s ex performed at her date with Peter, which shocked the TWO girls that she told.

    Fast forward to the "soft spoken" Victoria F. coming to Alayah's hotel room with some choice words to say...

    ...which left Alayah and all of Bach Nation feeling like this:

    NOW, there are many sides to the story, many characters to be tweeted, and I'm here to break it down for you, because this is what I live for.

    Some people are Team Alayah, thinking that she wasn't spilling tea, but just assumed that Victoria F. told the girls in the house how awk the whole situation was:

    yeah it was victoria’s business to share, but alayah clearly didn’t know that those girls didn’t know. and it’s just as much on the girls alayah told for spreading it then that “all” the girls knew. #TheBachelor

    Who cares what Alayah revealed from the "outside world?" It would all come to light in the end anyway. #thebachelor

    Very confused why Alayah is the villain here when it’s obvious that the villain is Victoria P. #TheBachelor

    Some people are Team Victoria F., thinking that it wasn't Alayah's place to share the tea about her ex:

    But you did Alayah.... #TheBachelor

    Me at the beginning of the episode: Who the heck is Alayah?? Me at the end of the episode: ALAYAH MUST GO HOME #thebachelor

    Victoria left that room with wine still in her glass, and she did Alayah's face, and America, a disservice. #Thebachelor

    But mostly, people are here to make jokes, regardless of whose side they're on:

    alayah while she was off the show #TheBachelor

    Alayah going through the everyone’s social media accounts #TheBachelor

    Alayah coming back from the dead to start shit with stuff she found on Reddit like #TheBachelor

    Alayah coming back with everything she read on Reality Steve #TheBachelor

    In conclusion, this was ALL of Bach Nation after last night's episode: