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    16 Reasons Why "Stick It" Deserves All The Attention And Acclaim

    "It's not called gym-nice-sticks."

    1. First, and most importantly, this 2006 movie stars a pre-Twilight Kellan Lutz, which already puts it leagues ahead of other teen movies:

    Kellen Lutz filming Haley's sick bike moves
    Buena Vista Pictures


    2. And he's HILARIOUS!

    Poot and Frank watching Haley as she drives off
    Buena Vista Pictures

    Not even 10 minutes into this movie, and the jokes are already A1.

    3. But in actuality, I love how this movie isn't your ~typical teen movie~ with romance and prom-related angst. Like, a disgraced Olympian who's shoved back into the world of gymnastics even though the whole nation hates her? Talk about originality!

    Haley walking up to the gymnastics arena
    Buena Vista Pictures

    I mean, a woman (Jessica Bendinger) wrote and directed this film, so the nuance should NOT be a surprise.

    4. Plus, a post–The Big Lebowski and pre–True Grit Jeff Bridges adds to the magic of this film:

    Title card for Burt Vickerman
    Buena Vista Pictures

    "Injuries: sprained reputation." Iconique.

    5. It's not just Kellan! The humor is spread far and wide in this movie, making all 103 minutes of Stick It fuckin' golden:

    Hailey sitting on the floor outside of Vic's office
    Buena Vista Pictures

    This joke totally went over my head as a child, but I can fully appreciate it now as an adult.

    6. Already, this movie is pointing out EVERYthing wrong with gymnastics as an institution:

    Burt talking to Haley in a diner
    Buena Vista Pictures

    "There's nothing fair about a girl landing a double pike and losing a 10th 'cause her toes weren't pointed. Nothin' fair about judges who don't have instant replay and they're looking for perfection. Could you imagine football without instant replay?"

    7. It also doesn't sugarcoat how hard gymnastics is. I know it LOOKS pretty, but these women are stone-cold athletes:

    Haley rope climbing
    Buena Vista Pictures

    I can't even do this with ASSISTANCE, let alone without the help of my legs.

    8. Don't get my wrong, it's a teen movie from the early aughts, so there's some cattiness earlier in the film — "What's with all the closed captioning?" — but the theme of this movie is women supporting women:

    Haley and the VGA ladies warming up before the competition
    Buena Vista Pictures

    At this point in the film, it's Haley, Wei Wei, and Mina who are standing in solidarity. But the antagonists come around eventually.

    9. This movie also has heart! When we found out that Haley "choked" at Worlds because she discovered her mother's affair with her coach right before her final event, I felt that:

    Haley crying during her beam routine
    Buena Vista Pictures

    When that teardrop hit the beam, I just about crumbled.

    10. It's also about men supporting women! When Haley has her breakdown after the IG Classic, it's Frank and Poot who pick her back up:

    Haley crying in the backseat of Frank's truck
    Buena Vista Pictures

    Frank and Poot are the only men who deserve rights.

    11. But back to the antagonists — first was Joanne. Don't get me wrong, I understood why she was upset with Haley in the beginning, but when she stands up to her mom (the REAL antagonist), that's what I call ~growth~. Also, she's funny as heck:

    Joanna grabbing at her wenis; Joanna standing up to her mom
    Buena Vista Pictures

    "What's with all the closed captioning?"

    12. And then there's Tricia. Again, I understand why she's upset, but when she sees the light and scratches so that Haley, her former enemy, can win floor, THAT was a true sign of growth:

    Tricia scratching the final gymnastics event
    Buena Vista Pictures

    13. BUT THE MOST GROWTH comes from Haley. The fact that she's willing to compete even though the judges are gonna score her based on "who she was and not who she is" is mighty big of her. And she apologized to Tricia. AND she didn't run away when things got tough. We truly, truly love to see it:

    Haley being a defiant badass
    Buena Vista Pictures

    "Too much rock for one hand, baby."

    14. My favorite part of the film — and the number one reason Stick It is ace content — is the scene where all the female gymnasts come together to support Mina after her bullshit score that inspired Scratchgate, as well as to choose the winners for once:

    Joanne encouraging a coup d'etat at the gymnastics competition
    Buena Vista Pictures

    I cannot imagine any man willing to lose so that someone else was guaranteed to win.

    15. I also can't imagine you needing more reasons to watch this movie, but if you DO, the music is out of this world:

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Missy Elliott! Talib Kweli! Green Day! Blink-182!

    16. And last but not least, Wei Wei's beam routine quite literally ~sticks this movie~ at the top of the list:

    Wei Wei doing a head spin on beam
    Buena Vista Pictures

    The things she's able to do on 4 inches of wood are legendary.

    So watch Stick It for clear skin and good health.

    Buena Vista Pictures

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